Thursday, August 19, 2010

stepchild of time indeed

Sorry, updates have been a bit thin on the ground over the last couple of weeks, haven't they? August has been somewhat cray cray, but I can pretty much guarantee that September will be different: starting when, I will be an unemployed person! Well, mostly. I will be writing here and there to keep the Blackberry bills paid and so on, but this is a Major Life Change. I am so excited about the prospect of being a gigantic hipster that it can only end in tears. Or the baking of cupcakes.

While we wait for that, and I collect my thoughts and energies re. several fantasy novels that have been awaiting review for, oh, months now (cripes), I just thought I'd clue you in to a couple of things I wrote over the last week: over at august blog The Run Of Play, a freewheeling consideration of what Pelé means to football history, called "Stepchild of Time". It involves Tolkien, cricket, and Moti Nandy, among other things: any feedback would be cherished.

I also went to watch a bunch of movies over August - three, which is more than I've seen over the last year combined - but I chose to write a short note about the one I liked least, Aisha. You can read it here, which is where I generally write short notes about things. I know, I should really get a website.

Anyway, see you in a week or so. Maybe before! I am, of course, embroiled in Twitter over here, so if you want some of that fishhook/open eye stuff, get in.

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