Sunday, July 13, 2008

learning at the movies

Things I picked up from watching Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na earlier this week [apart from the irrevocable fact that Imhunt is a capital ditcher]:

Hipster is here. Is Pappu Can't Dance the updated Papa Kehte Hain? Evidence suggests it [hell, the movie itself suggests it]. There's no shortage of privileged kids in our cinema, but they've never had an anthem before. It is now possible to celebrate the arrival of the irrelevant on the dance floor. I think I would be a lot more annoyed at the irony of those kids grooving to those lyrics, if the song wasn't so blatantly amazing. A R Rahman, you freak, where do you pull those basslines from?

We are a mafia. Rarely has it been so obvious in mainstream Bollywood, but the Xavierite cartel is all present. We're still in all the ads, but now we're also in hit Hindi cinema. I hope there's a lot of conservation money for the auld pile of stones in it.

I like Jab We Met better anyway. And I have no idea why; any film with that embarrassing post-interval sequence in which Shahid Kapur tries to funk his corporation into showing profits should be criticised more, but I love that film unmitigatedly. Perhaps some of it had to do with the fact that everyone in it spoke Hindi competently, unlike Genelia in this one, who evoked great cries of "Oh honey, NO!" from me whenever she tried to differentiate between the 'k' and 'kh' sounds.

Bombay is changing. It always is, but seeing the Bandra-Worli sea link on screen really brings it home.

I am old. I liked Ratna Pathak-Shah better than any of the kids.

I had a good time -- I was amused and affected by the conscious subversion of the 'brave Rajput' motivation of so much of Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak; it seemed like a gentle, sweet way of indicating how our lives and our cinema have changed in the last twenty years. The performances were very tolerable, and the music excellent, apart from that one unconscionable Glenn Medeiros rip-off. It's the first Hindi film I've watched since my return from Kolkata, and I'm so happy to be back. Next up is hopefully Kismet Konnection.