Monday, August 04, 2008

participatory democracy

I find it amazing that people are sending in SMS replies to television polls on whether the Mehtas should be allowed to terminate their pregnancy.

I thought this was about a health complication in the first place, and that a medical debate on the legal aspects of abortion dealt only with the extent and probability of damage to the mother or foetus involved. To make this an issue of morality and, worse, a forum for random college students and bored office-goers to offer advice to two such clearly sentient and fully-functional adults as the Mehtas on a private matter, is befuddling.

The 24x7 poll, for example, called 'Whose Life Is It Anyway?' asks people if parents should be the sole decision makers in the matter of the abortion of a foetus.

... because clearly a better decision would involve the considered opinion of Nikhil, 16, Chandigarh and Retd Col. Anantharaman, 67, Bangalore?



  1. Most of the discussion forums have some nearby college students and some retired folks and office goers as fillers.
    The enthu college kids and others will blurt out whatever they feel like at that point of time, most of the time really ridiculous.

    Stupid TV.

  2. oh god, so it's finally gotten to Indian television too? (or might have ages ago I suppose... I just never noticed :|) so I guess Oz media isn't alone in it's appalling penchant for inviting public opinion on the most inappropriate subjects under the sun /:)

  3. I heard about the whole SMS TV thing too. Sucks.

  4. I really hope we don't have the judicial system doesn't get to the stage when sentences are handed out by popular SMS vote.