Tuesday, May 13, 2008

failure to communicate

Is "I am such a girl" the new pink? Am I missing some clever cultural reference, or have women suddenly started using the phrase en masse as a cute way of summarising any particular feeling of fluttering feminine pretend-weakness just like that? "I think my boyfriend's stubble is so manly. Oh, I am such a girl!" "I wore high heels and a canary yellow skirt today. I am such a girl!" "Today I was so busy that I had to spend my train journey chopping vegetables for dinner to feed my six hungry kids waiting for me to get back home from my job at the ball bearings factory, and I cried. I am such a girl!"

Okay, then.

At the risk of counter-stating the obvious, hush, wench. You sound like a - say it! - knob.


  1. Did u know, Juno was written by the first time screenplay writer & went on to win OSCAR for Best Screen Play.

    Cool nah!!

  2. bombaygirl11:07 am

    sweet. love your blog...found you through that cute bandra boy

  3. My friend is known for her outrageously pink wardrobe. When I brought it up she said "as a kid I never played football or anything else outside. I was always with my dolls. I'm such a girl!". That's probably the only time I've heard that. Every other time I've heard it is when it's used on a guy when his sexuality cannot be questioned...