Tuesday, August 14, 2007

roswitha returns, predictably talks about sport again

Part I: Intelligent Cricket Feature Writing

Now what's all this nonsense about Dravid being a gormless incompetent for deciding to play it safe and go for a draw instead of a slightly more precarious win? What part of 'INDIA NOW HAS A SERIES WIN' is distasteful?

Romantics. Bah.

-- this is not to say that Dravid isn't a gormless incompetent. He is. But also? Series-winning captain.

Part II: In Conversation with Evil Manchild Kausha

Kausha: Hey, so I got to watch the Arsenal-Inter friendly at the Emirates in the flesh, because I am seriously way too cool to live.
Ros: Oh, yeah. This the one that Arsenal won, right?
Kausha: Right.
Ros The Arsenal Supporter: Against the Inter that then went on to thrash the hell out of Manchester United?
Kausha The United Supporter: Hi, wait a minute.
Kausha: In case you didn't notice, a certain Zlatan Ibrahimovic was fielded in the United game.
Ros The Fan Of A Team Destroyed Near Single-Handedly By Zlatan Twice In The Last Season: Hmmnmm.
Kausha: Man. But that David Suazo, Inter's new striker? Good.
Ros: Don't TALK to me about David Suazo.
Kausha: Yes, I heard there was some tussle over which Milan club would sign him.
Ros: -- Milan had him. They signed him. And then he got unsigned and went over to Inter.
Kaushaa: Uhuh.
Ros: Bastards.
Kausha: Yeah.
Ros: ... I came so close to saying 'we' instead of 'Milan' in that sentence.
Ros: I'm assimilated into the football hive mind.

Definitely NOT my favourite person ever.