Friday, April 27, 2007

pop music is shallow. discuss.

In a world of Grammy-winning smooth-edged dudes finding new ways to talk about their sexual prowess even as they address their ditties to their dirty babes, it's refreshing honesty to see a young man jumping around waving a lightsaber screaming 'why don't you like me, why don't you like me?'


  1. Heh...I *like* this's been stuck in my head for far too long now though.

    And I saw your comment on James Richardsons column in The Gaurdian. :D

    (Actually, I didn't know it was you, but I read allow me to frivolously lower the tone of this discussion by declaring my love for you and your calcio-loving brain and thought - Oh, that sounds like Ros! And it was you...hee).

    Ok...clearly I spend way too much time reading your blog. End pointless comment.

  2. HAHAHAHA CLEARLY YOU = ME. I woke up just this morning thinking 'man, I hope Inzaghi gets a chance to get his freak on in this match,' and I actually thought, concurrently, 'You know, James Richardson really is a super writer if you share his interests' and then I come in this morning and what do I see? James Richardson hoping for Inzaghi to get his freak on in this match.

    Let other maidens sigh over Sid Lowe and his La Real fixation. AC Jimbo, here I come.

    It is scary how interconnected online communities are. Or, well, not.

    Also, I love this song too.

    Also, James Richardson is the guy who said, 'Chelsea paid a levy for the Shevy but the Shevy went dry.'

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  4. 'Chelsea paid a levy for the Shevy but the Shevy went dry.'


    I like his columns too....and I agree with what you said about Inzaghi. I think he's a very ..ummm.. well he doesn't play beautifully does he? as long as he scores....
    and he *is* so pouty and whiney but he totally pulls it off....

    Btw, mindless rumour, apparently Zidane's wife was rumoured to have had an affair with him when they were both at Juve. In anycase apparently Zidane doesn't like him much and there was loads of random talk (Italian press much) about how Luca Zidane looks like Pippo. Oh and how what Materazzi actually said was something about l'affair before he got head butted. Heh.

    I so want Man U to not win tonight! *Hope*.

  5. You're killing me here. How much less exciting would my life have been had I not heard that Filippo Inzaghi possibly fathered one of ZZ's kids? Answer: A lot less.

    I adore the man. He's a whining, mewling man whose sense of entitlement outweighs him by two, but man, what a record. The English Baby Bentley brigade could take lessons on being superstars from Pippo.

  6. Heeheee.....well atleast someone else appreciates random football rumours!!!

  7. tsk, tsk...such gossips.

    also, i'm wondering what odds I could get for the following -
    Chelsea win the FA cup, ManU win the Premiership, Liverpool win the CL.

    and wasn't this supposed to be pop music post?

  8. Question Marks, If Milan don't go through to the final the Arsenal-Chelsea game this Sunday will probably be the last one I watch this season, bar a chance discovery that my cable guys broadcasting whichever channel's showing the Sevilla & Barca games on weekend late nights. So to answer your question, take as many odds as you like on that one, I'll be comatose with boredom if it comes to that stage and unable to protest.

    szerelem: Lady, if you have more rumours to share I will be your willing sister in mudslinging.

  9. and Milan are in the final :D
    how fabulous has Kaka been?? I bow to him...

  10. Now I'm addicted. Damn you! *shakes fist*