Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The odour of sanctity in Dakshineshwar is the chana dal and puri breakfast that is sold in stalls all the way leading up to the temple.

The hibiscus is odourless, so it figures.

More to come. It's a Canon Powershot AD550, incidentally. Thanks for all the help. :)


  1. hey! that looks familiar!!

    @szerelem: I don't :( scary things they are. especially since one of them brushed the side of my car :|

  2. @Kray: Oh! I totally understand if you find them scary then! (I still like the *picture* of the bus!)

    @Ros: Milan in semis! But the Man U match was scary shit.

  3. Yeah, that Roma game was a crazy son a bitch - I just stopped watching after half-time. I'm kind of quaking for Milan as we speak, but also grinning hugely because I expected to wake this morning to grey skies and a German team in the semis. Instead I see that Inzaghi scored a winner. INZAGHI. PIPPO INZAGHI. I MEAN, WHAT. So, v full of affection for the grampaws today. Maldini gets to play another couple in Europe! And if it has to end it'll end in the San Siro.

    @ kray: Yeah, I forgot you were from there! I had a great time, by the way. Totally loved it. Spent a lot of time in New Market. Where in Cal are you from?

  4. ahh! new market!! yes of course :D! good to know u enjoyed. I used to love that place mainly 'cos of the old coin sellers in Esplanade... the house is in DumDum... near the airport?

  5. I dint see the Roma game. No TV after all....but saw bits of it on TV. Quite depressing.

  6. Sigh I meant youtube ....saw bits of it on youtube....without which life would be trop dull

  7. Baudolino? You like? I did not.
    I am reading Farewell, My Lovely and loving it.
    3 points in England! 2 points in Spain! 3 games in the CL! *heart pounds*