Friday, March 09, 2007

when i get nervous i blog too much

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Misquotation isn't a bother as long as it doesn't detract from the charm of the original. 'Make me pure'? 'Make me pure'? How is this a funnier quote than the accepted translation of 'chaste and continent'?

You fail, automated Google quotes. Pull it from somewhere with a bit more cred next time.

Make me chaste and continent, but not yet. Heh.

Okay. Okay. Off now to go and prepare for international travel. Chaste and intercontinent. Stressed, who's stressed? People who forgot to give their jackets to dry clean a week ago need to be stressed, that's who. Not me.

Here, have some poetry.


And as she laid the moonlit armour on the sand
It chimed;
And the sound that came from it
Followed the light that came from it
Like sighing
Made in Heaven.

And those who had the neck to watch Achilles weep
Could not look now.
Nobody looked. They were afraid.

Except Achilles: looked,
Lifted a piece of it between his hands;
Turned it; tested the weight of it; and then
Spun the holy tungsten like a star between his knees,
Slitting his eyes against the flare, some said,
But others thought the hatred shuttered by his lids
Made him protect the metal.

His eyes like furnace doors ajar.

When he had got its weight
And let its industry console his grief a bit:
"I'll fight,"
He said. Simple as that. "I'll fight."

And so Troy fell.

- from "War Music," Christopher Logue's adaptation of the Iliad. One of the defining forces of my teenage life.

current musix: faudel, cheb khaled, rachid taha - abdel kader.
the depth of my love for rachid taha's voice is beginning to disturb me.

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