Monday, March 05, 2007

"you can have the afternoon off when you die."


A headline worthy of that master of cunning genius, Blackadder. I have lingered amidst the words of the great and good to try and find an expression for the utter absurdity of the human condition for the last few days, but here is a case of journalism coming up trumps over literature. Or, if you prefer, of sitcoms.

Percy: I must say, Edmund, it was jolly nice of you to ask me to share your breakfast before the rigours of the day begin.
Blackadder: Well, it is said, Percy, that civilised man seeks out good and intelligent company, so that, through learned discourse, he may rise above the savage and closer to God.
Percy: Yes, I've heard that.
Blackadder: Personally, however, I like to start the day with a total dickhead to remind me I'm best.

current musix: a perfect circle - the fiddle and the drum.

Wow. I've never been as big a fan of this band as some other people, but they manage to nail covers. This is almost better than their dark, gloomy refashioning of 'Imagine.'


  1. Kausha12:33 am

    wow, so now i'm 'some other people' eh. see if i stay up till 5 am to talk to you again. hmpff!

  2. a perfect circle is the most successful among all bands that thrive on self-indulgence. they shall not be decried, even by accident.

  3. That Imagine cover was so messed up, i don't know how they pulled it off.