Thursday, March 08, 2007

il giorno delle donne

I wasn't planning on blogging today, but just as the day was about to wind down, my favourite football club, that I love enough to receive 'notifications of special offers' from, sent me an email offering, on the occasion on International Women's Day, a discount on ... women's Milan wear. There is a dinky range of women's size tees, and other items of feminine comfort, such as duvets, sheets, and jewellery.

All this from a club whose president famously opened up his country to international conglomerates by saying, 'after all, we have the most beautiful secretaries!' Who, let it be known, spoke of negotiations with a politician of the female gender by describing to journalists how he turned on his 'Playboy' tricks and English-speaking charm.

The charm, it spreadeth.

But those who can separate il Presidente from his team - which, amorally enough, I succeed in doing enough to root for them at all times - are welcome to go and buy themselves red-and-black striped duvets! After all, one of the gender myths that we attempt to break every living day is the famous "women's touch" that behooves us to purchase tasteful colours and designs. Go ahead, break out the big fat rossoneri stripes. Let no one say your womanliness prevents you from indulging in the ugly.

And remember Carolina Morace, the first woman ever to coach a professional men's football team in Italy (and possibly, although I am far from certain of it, in Europe). Carolina, a gifted footballer and captain of a smashing Italian women's team in her day, was invited to coach the Serie C1 side Viterbese, and resigned after only three games due to mounting media pressure and an insane club president (One begins to imagine that insane club presidents are rather a type, in il bel paese) . Today, Carolina is a TV pundit, one of the few women respected in Italian football. But not enough. Not yet.

And don't, as you roll your jeans up and break out the coffee for the upcoming World Cup, forget Mithali Raj, Jaya Sharma and Karu Jain.

ETA: While on footer, Champions League blogging is on!

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