Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day

To star-crossed lovers everywhere.


  1. *Dies in a fit of 12-year old giggles*

  2. * own inner child collapses in death-heap right next to you*

  3. Most adorable hilarious reference to star crossed lovers EVER!

  4. Our UFO has landed quietly last night in a densely populated coordinate at a region humans refer to as "Germany."

    This particular congregation was generating so much noise we were compelled to study the anomaly.

    As we approached the boiling source of haphazard frequencies, our superb training took over. We were well-trained to

    investigate any unusual source and level of human commotion and report immediately back to our ZX-879 headquarters.

    Turning on our invisibility shield helped us get really close to the subject of examination without being detected.

    As we reached the egg shaped concrete container filled with 100,000 or so human subjects, the noise level rose to

    such unimaginable heights that we had to shut down our frequency analyzers for fear of damaging their sensitive


    When we cleared the top of the concrete structure we were blinded with thousands of light-emitting radiation


    Then we saw them -- 22 voluntary humans darting back and forth in alternating sequences of random and

    seemingly-goal-oriented sprints. We have checked our central computer to decipher the modal characteristic of such

    kinetic outbursts and we were advised to locate the focal source of coordinated agitation.

  5. starcrossed lovers!!!!!


    nice read it was.

    Vahsek's Ramblings

  6. szerelem! hi! you are right. they're both so ugly they almost induce maternal feelings in one.

    anya, vahsek, random spammer: hi, and thanks.

  7. Didn't you like C.Ronaldo?? And Rooney is just....yeah, ugly :D
    And new post is wanted muchly...please!

  8. OMG, no. Can't stand him. I'm amazed at how much Manchester United, as a team, can inspire grudging admiration in me in spite of fielding some of football's least pleasant characters: Rooney, Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand ... and mostly everyone else. In fact, it's probably easier to count the number of Man U players I don't dislike.

    New post! What shall I blog about? I've just been watching Bollywood films and eating fruit salad. I miss blogging, but my life is on hold.

  9. Ah Man U - wish they could be ignored. And Ronaldo reminds me of a super spoilt brat...the palm itches when I see him. It's very grudgingly that I have to ackowledge that he is a good player...sadly.

    Life on hold...I know the feeling! But I'm sure you could make Bollywood movies and fruit salad post worthy :D

  10. Anonymous12:59 am

    I love Valentine's Day, I love history of Valentine's Day, I love giving gifts on Valentine's Day... Still, it's very romantic:)