Monday, January 01, 2007

welcome, double oh seven

It's been seven years since my first New Year's celebration apart from my family. My classmates and I had a slumber party at a friend's place, made roast chicken (these were my pre-vegetarian days) and carrot halwa and waited, as the clock ticked by, for Y2K to make the world explode. I was fifteen.

It's been six years since I sat on a terrace in Bandra with my best friends in the world, watching for the sunrise -- in the wrong direction.

It's been four years since I spent New Years crying in the corner of a large party because of a boy.

I spent this evening drinking rum with my grandfather, and slurping gelato on Carter Road with a friend. It's been great. Quiet, but great. And I'm extremely happy to say that it's been ten years, at the very least, since I brought in the New Year watching a telly special.

Now for 2007. How have all of you let the year in?


  1. i'm planning on completely missing the start of 2007 by writing or reading or sleeping through it. huzzah for indifference!

  2. :)) oh dear! well, I wasn't watching telly for sure! we're currently running away from a cyclone in the southern Indian Ocean :P

  3. anonymouse10:47 am

    Worked as usual. Not seen a new year on TV for ~ 15 years.

  4. hmm... first time here...u realyy write well....sometime distance just go away when u think of nearone on a speacial moment.... happy new year....

  5. Happy 2007 Ros!!
    Here's to a greeat great year ahead...

  6. great great year....
    and I spent my eve in London which was cold and wet but still terrible fun....and I drank seven glasses of Moet and Chandon :D

  7. Ah you were struck by the moody blues on a New Year's eve as well.
    Anyway, when are we meeting?