Friday, December 01, 2006


Thanks, Unratiosenatic. The Age of Enlightenment did get some things right: reason makes everything look better. :)

Sometime this week, my friends, I wrote the following, published it, and took it down a couple of hours later, all in the same fit of pique - a pique continuum, one might say. It went as follows:

When you have had a terrible year, refuse to close it with a mindless party, are unable to book tickets to go home because you have possibly maxed out your credit card, have put on more weight over the last twelve months than you have in the last five years combined, and gone from flirting with misanthropy to full-blow practicing sociopath. At least you still have a blog.

The point of this, underneath the paranoia and (at least slightly) genuine despair, was above all crankiness. I haven't been having a blog for a couple of weeks, now, for no reason less mundane than piles and piles of work. All ye olde pastimes have fallen away as garments made of ... something flimsy.

But I'll be back. It takes more than gainful employment to keep a wastrel down.


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  2. sheesh. you reduce my earnest empathy to mere reasoning. we can do better than that :)

  3. Anonymous3:00 am

    hang in there! :)

  4. anoynmouse12:07 pm

    You won't be back, because you will never have left.

    As the Eagles put it, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

    Full blown sociopath, hmmm. That should make for interesting blogs. Do you get a pimply faced assistant as well?

  5. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Would Lipgloss help?


  6. Anonymous7:28 am

    Chin up! and I agree with Anonymouse - You won't be back, because you will never have left.

    hope the piles of work disappear soon...

  7. Anonymous11:22 am

    Huh!! Which means you aren't coming down!!!!!!!!1

  8. Anonymous4:20 pm

    I liked that para in bold a whole lot! glad that you didnt delete it forever.