Friday, December 22, 2006

all i want for christmas

chez Roswitha and Flatmates, December 21.

1. my two front teeth
1. you
1. A version of 'o Holy Night' not processed and power-popped out of existence.
2. A bigger bookshelf.
3. A smaller dress size.
4. Auto-moisturising skin. Sub-gift: bandages for my feet, or, failing that, a pair of comfortable shoes not sewn together by tiny fingers in Pakistan.
5. A poker-playing MI6 agent with thinning blond hair. Shopworn preferred.
6. A new laptop battery. A new laptop.
7. About six more match points for Milan.
8. World peace.
9. Useless and expensive gifts for everyone.
10. Since it's useless to hope for a white Christmas for most of the country: a Miles Davis Christmas. A night of blue in green and white smoke should make the spirit of Christmas feel as welcome as snow, don't you think?

current musix: miles davis - blue in green.


  1. O Holy Night

    This is not processed or popped-up but it could be nicer. I don't know who the vocalist is but I wish she didn't have such a bad head-cold. Still and all, with the Chieftains as her backing band, there are worse versions of this out there.
    Also it's the only recording I have.

  2. Two versions...

    Too tired for making proper links...

  3. buona festa!!Wishing you get all you wished for! :D

    I am in Milan for a couple of days so will check up on the Maldini poster at the airport :P
    Sadly they really dont have vespas anymore....but the food!!! I think I really need to wish for a smaller dress size for christmas from all the eating I have been doing here!

  4. Kausha10:12 pm

    I think that this layout is really nice. merry christmas and i hope you have a fantastic new year in bombay. much love.

  5. Hey Hey Supriya,
    How are you doing and which corner of the globe are you?
    Im based in Jaipur these days on a project and doing pretty decently.
    Drop me a line.

    PS- I also try to maintain a blog at :

  6. Rachel8:32 am

    Hello! I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGEEEE soccer fan, and I stumbled across your page while doing a google search of Paolo Maldini. My FAVORITE club in the world is AC MILAN, beacuse the rossoneri are LIFE for me. And I love the comments about Michael Ballack, because I LOVE him. I just wanted you to know that your blog is hilarious and extremely witty - can you please update? It's so refreshing to know that there are indeed other people in the world who enjoy soccer and follow it. Thanks!