Wednesday, November 22, 2006

project objectify: left too long, too late

Ian Thorpe retired from competitive swimming.

It is hardly ladylike behaviour to bring up objectification in such a sporadic and hurried manner, but I feel I must pay timely tribute.

Ian Thorpe, you with the tectonic plates for feet and the Heath Ledger smile and, OH WAIT, the three million megawatts of talent, you will be missed. As you’re only 23, I hope to see you again very soon doing something cool. Like singing opera. Or taking up mountain biking. Or going to college.

'til later, hopefully.


  1. he's 24. and is talking about doing his own tv shows :-<

  2. Didn't he want to be a guest star on Friends? (Well, that was years, ago, but still). I also recall him guesting on several cooking shows. So, a TV career is not entirely surprising, although everybody from Sharon Osbourne to Charlotte Churche fancies themselves talk show hosts these days...

    He's alright, I used to have such a crush on him (before I hit my teens, mind :P), but from the perspective of the sport, it should be interesting to see how the dyanmics of Australian pro-swimming are going to change without his anchor, and how in turn that affects the sport as a whole.

  3. Anonymous6:30 am

    but given his recent trouble with injuries n the lot, especially getting drug tested a day before his retirement announcement... he might not have been quite the thorpedo anyway..

  4. Anonymous8:01 am

    I have always felt a strange affinity with Thorpe. I think this has to do with the fact that like him I have huge feet. And like him I need to get my shoes made. It's really crappy.

  5. Anonymous7:00 am

    Oh Thorpe. Oh Thorpedo. He made the 2004 Olympics for me. Is it a sign of being old that all my favourite athletes are retiring?

  6. Anonymous7:00 am

    I am the anonymouse.

  7. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Is it a sign of being old that all my favourite athletes are retiring?
    Sigh....I so know what you mean. This year out went Zidane, Agassi...Schumacher now Thorpe....these are the people I grew up watching....
    All the new kids on the block are just that

  8. Now then, chaps. At least we'll always have Glenn McGrath...? *ducks*

    yamini: sadly for him, friends the show retired before he did. however i fully expect to see him picked up as jen aniston's new boyfriend. any time now. with the pearl fascinators.

    kray: TV SHOWS. this is what the world has come to.

  9. you have more than a blog. you have all these friends who keep coming back to your blog, sociopath or no sociopath.

  10. and besides, it's too early to wrap up the year. one month is a long time. keep that chin up :)

  11. anonymouse11:01 am

    szerelem, that's anonymous, not anonymouse.
    I see a case of identity theft :P.

    And what's this about being a sociopath?