Friday, September 22, 2006

things that make me cry

Because they piss me off.

+ The fact that the song I'm currently listening to on repeat is 'Who Do You Think You Are,' from an obscure '90's album called "Spice," put out by the talented but undeservedly obscure band of women who called themselves the Spice Girls. It reminds me of a simpler time when we were young, and I actually considered myself a Spice Girls fan. I weep for lost innocence.

+ Joseph Ratzinger and his opposition, the Nun-Killers of Mogadishu.

+ Orkut messages. The other day I got bombed with three identical forwards that read as follows:

IIT Bombay student Anupam Biswas 5th Year Mechanical Engg is suffering
from Colukabki (caused due to excessive nabad and depression) a disease
very rarely found (3 in a billion). His condition is very pathetic and
the treatment is very expensive, obviously his parents are not able to
afford his treatment. Orkut has agreed to pay 1 paisa after each time
this message is forward. So please pass to all ur friends.

Here's to finding new answers to the question, 'how stupid? HOW stupid?'

+ Evidently, not more stupid than myself. Last week I locked my front door and rushed out to work, discovering only when I got home at eight that night that I'd left the keys in the lock. This week I seem to have lost my specs.

+ The fact that, in 'The Devil Wears Prada,' they make Meryl Streep wear A-line miniskirts. Primary schoolteacher-wear in a film about high fashion! I half expected her to turn around and ask me to say my thirteen-times table in front of the class.

+ The fact that, in 'The Devil Wears Prada,' Anne Hathaway has less personality than a wet dishcloth.

+ This 'Stupid Girls' song by Pink. It's sad that she cares so much about Paris Hilton. I mean, I understand that the point of the song was to berate girls who care too much about Paris Hilton, but seriously, lady, no good at making feminist cred if you're standing around slagging off other blonde girls.

+ Did I mention the pope? I'm going to undertake the dangerous chance of linking to Christopher Hitchens twice in the space of, what, fifteen posts.

I'd also like to mention that the words 'WHY GOD WHY?' miss the spirit of the question and throw up lots of for-serious religious websites on Google.

What Makes Me Happy, on the other hand:

1. De Ludo Globi.

2. 'I'm Not Like Everybody Else' by Jimmy and the Boys.

3. Zee Sports.

current musix: dulce pontes - ferreiro.


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  2. totally agree about The Devil Wears Prada. What was Anne Hathaway in the film? She was completely clueless, unprofessional, faithless (both to herself and to her boyfriend) and had no cojones. You know, metamorphically speaking.

    I also hated the central premise of the movie, which seemed to me to be that a) You can't be a woman and have it both, and b) Working as a fashion journalist cannot be rewarding.

  3. Don't weep too much. Lost innocence does return with time. When you're 29 you'll be a Spice Girls fan all over again. (And Michael Learns to Rock. And Celine Dion.)

  4. Ah, I so empathise with the pain of losing the Spice Girls. Is there, on earth, a sadder song than Viva Forever? Or a cooler song than Stop? No, there isn't. Aren't. Whatever.

    Sigh. The Pope. When he got elected, the newspaper 'Il Manifesto' called him 'Il Pastore Tedesco', meaning 'the German priest' but, funnily enough, also 'the German Shepherd', as in the dog breed. I'm sure the pun was entirely unintentional.

  5. anonymouse12:41 pm

    Now playing: A night in Venice

    Speaking of which, have you finished listening to those CDs yet? Like any?

  6. A line skirts apart, does Meryl Streep not rock in The Devil Wears Prada?? The movie is half decent ONLY cos of her.

    Love the Pirlo pic on De Ludo Globi. It perfectly showcases the awesomeness of his hair. And by the by, were you aware of the new Nike Materazzi ad? Linked to here.

  7. @ yamini: I wondered about the unprofessionalism. I kept wondering if I had been warped by the Capitalist Minion experience every time I looked at her being sulky and whiney and went, "I'm supposed to sympathise with this?"

    As for the confused central premise, I think it was because they failed to create sympathy for Andy that it went awry. The book is far from a stellar reading experience but the lines between good and evil are more firmly drawn because the Meryl Streep character is an unabashed devil-woman caricature with no redeeming qualities, and Andy is marginally more self-aware that her filmic counterpart. And oh, gods, I can't believe I'm talking about this as adaptation.

    Seriously - we should all go and watch Munich a few more times.

    @ jabz: It's already begun: the other day they were playing an Aqua video at a restaurant and I sat watching it open-mouthed, thinking, "Oh, it's actually a clever spoof! Revolutionary for its time!" and started singing along.

  8. @ tpf: L0llerskatez! The Pope's a little less warm and fuzzy than German Shepherds, though, don't you think? As for the Spice Girls - well, those were the days. Those videos, man - I still remember the Viva Forever video with the animation and the - and the - yeah.

    @ dev: Sounds interesting, although I've never been a Strauss fan! I've been working my way through the CDs slowly: so far the two I've really connected with are Water Music, and Mozart's Requiem. I am eternally in debt. :)

    @ szerelem: You have no idea how hard I'm laughing right now. Seriously, the halls of my workplace? Pealing with my wild cackles.

  9. ahahahaz....glad that the ad provided you with your daily dose of laughter...thats important!! =P