Monday, September 25, 2006

fly away, monday. fly away fast.

eta: One more for Project Objectify: Isheeta bags the man of all our dreams, Evgeny Plushenko. If you do nothing else in this world, watch that video, I beseech you.


I was going to post up some thoughts about Dor, wot I watched last night, but apparently four cups of coffee + four hours of sleep are not something I can handle on Monday evening without my brain exploding. So before I go bouncing off the walls singing 'Sugar Baby Love' -- I enjoyed the film. It was quite clunky and the acting and the script were all off, but it had an interesting story and looked very fresh and had some charm. Why, though, does Nagesh Kukunoor insist on inserting himself into his films? I have no carefully considered observation, barbed or otherwise, to make here, because that would require focus. It's an honest question. As honest as 'Why God Why?' which has become my rallying cry ever since I started making more money.

The major parts re: the rest of my weekend described here.


  1. When you find the answer to wGw?, even a tentative one, do let us know.

    Btw, BBC asked Manoj Shyamalan the same question, and he said he wanted to portray his world in his movies, and in his world, there were people like him :)

  2. anonymouse1:15 pm

    There is no answer to Why God, Why?.

    That is because you are addressing a nonexistent being. The answer to Why? is Because.