Friday, August 18, 2006

row it , sisters!

Check out the awesome multinational women's boat-race team for the Nehru Boat Race trophy in Kerala this year. Sometimes I enjoy being a Malayali. It may not guarantee me appearances in all the best Bollywood films, my love of fried fish will mean I am unsuccessful, perhaps permanently, in the 'total vegetarianism' thing, and communism is practically a genetic compulsion (although my antecedents are oppressive and landowning all the way, and if you ever meet my grandmother she will move you to tears with her stories about the earth burning the feet and tears of blood running down the faces of my family as they were cheated of their birthrights by that bastard EMS Namboodiripad). But BOAT RACES. How frickin' cool can you get, man? (Thanks for the link, Uma.)

Hi! It's Friday evening and I'm so dizzy at the prospect of a weekend of vegging out it's like being in love. I'm in love with my own capacity to procrastinate. Like, help.

current musix: laakad - rekha bhardwaj.

ah, i've been listening to this 'omkara' soundtrack on repeat all week.

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  1. I think its because of Mallus that personel electronics became so popular in the country, what with the 'Twoo En Ones' and 'Khaler Thee Vee' from Thubbai.
    Joer Se Bolo Mellu Yay Main
    Shan Se Bolo Mellu Yay Main