Friday, August 25, 2006

meme girls.


Also, I have been blogging with disturbing regularity over the last couple of days.

1… Things that scare me

2…People who make me laugh
Stephen Colbert, who also induces feelings of adoration.

3…Things I hate the most
Snakes, because we hate what we fear,
Movies about snakes, and
Tidy hairstyles.

4…Things I don’t understand
...Nope, can't think of anything. Oh, wait. How do people imagine that women should not be allowed into Sabarimala* because they would weaken and die on the trek? How do people enjoy Scrabble? How is it that I came out of KANK alive? How is the universe?

5…Things I’m doing right now
Wondering what I will order for Friday night Cheap Chinese Special dinner.
Making plans to get as thin as Fleur Xavier, so that people will feel sorry for me and love me, and feed me Chinese Specials every day.
Getting around to recharging Willa the iPod.
Not particularly enjoying P G Wodehouse.
Grooving to Amr Diab's Greatest Hits. (how much do I love this man, in spite of the fact that he's about forty-five and makes like he's an eighteen-year-old Ricky Martin? Ah, Meditteranean-Arabic pop. It's as divine as pita bread and hummus.)

6…Things I want to do before I die
Eat cake.
Not die.
Run one marathon a year for at least a decade.
Make Calcio Ho Naa Ho.
Proclaim "I am no man!" and save everyone's lives, preferably including own (see 'not dying'), in the nick of time.
Cultivate an appropriate, adult sense of compassionate gravitas, like Elrond lord of Rivendell, although without bullying daughter into untouchable virgin state for centuries.

7… Things I can do
That flapping-diapraghm exercise propagated by Ramdev Baba.
Make tea.
Poke fun. (A little boy with jabbing fingers, in Malayalam? Pokemon.)
Eat very large paani puris.
Pretend to speak an astonishingly large number of languages.
Spend more than I earn in bookstores across the world.
Symptomatic readings.

8… Ways to describe my personality
... Very endearing?

9… Things I can’t do
Ohoho, not the half of it.

10…Things I think you should listen to
Beth Orton.
Pandit Jasraj singing "Govind Damodar," preferably live.
The great satirical voices of your time.
My mother.
The crazy looped bit at the end of "Strawberry Fields Forever." Creepier than hell.
Sacred harp.
The traffic at the VT intersection.
Yo-yo Ma on "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon." The cello and Tan Dun, wah.
This particular version of the possibly fascist Italian classic "Azzurro."
Suresh Gopi spewing English cuss-words in any given Malayalam film.

11…Things you should never listen to
Imaginary beings on your shoulders.
Rajesh Khanna songs, when simultaneously watching their videos.
Bruce Springsteen plugged in to electricity.
People who tell you your call is important to you.
People who tell you that you look good in peach.
Pink Floyd. I'm kidding. But seriously, grow up. *surreptitiously hides all fourteen albums in possession*
50 Cent.
NDTV's "The Big Fight."
Your workmate's music.
Rajnikanth when he tells you that he's just another ordinary guy.
People combing their hair. Ick.

12…People I’m tagging (to do this meme)

You, you, you and you. And all the rest of you.

* thank you Vivek. How much stupidity, by Ayyappa? What about all the small girls and post-menopausal grandmothers who seem to survive the trek every year? Is it really THAT MUCH EASIER to swallow bullshit than to see some sense?


  1. Is it really THAT MUCH EASIER to swallow bullshit than to see some sense?
    In the light of what I saw in the comments section of the post you linked to, I'll say you don't have the damnedest idea how much easier it is to swallow bullshit than to see some sense.

  2. Why people like Scrabble?

    Well, my reasons.
    1) I like patterns
    2) I like math
    3) I like the fact that 8 letter words can constitute a "vocabulary"
    4) I like the uber-geek mix of words and patterns and math
    5) It makes me feel smart and panders to ego
    6) I am boring


  3. hello. i did the tag. update i say. we want a new post.

  4. @ viv: Having supped on the milk of freedom ...

    @ karthik: That whittles down things I don't understand to three. Seriously, though, you also have a much better attention span than I do.

    Also, I don't know if you meant any of these when you used the word 'guff,' which is not a word I am familiar with.

    Kausha, Kausha, newly twenty-two, I salute you.

  5. Guff is Jose Dabroo - noticed him on your blog. He used to be referred to as Guff back in IIT days.