Thursday, August 24, 2006

me eefa too

Eee, UEFA draw tonight. Not particularly disappointed by Juventus not being around, because apparently even Gigi Buffon isn't, but I do feel bad about Fiorentina, and Luca Toni not getting the chance to show off his awesome striker skillz and funny hand-waving goal celebration to all and sundry.

(eta, 18 hrs later: Draw results are in. Milan and Madrid should be dominating their respective groups; Inter has Bayern Munich in with them; Arsenal's got Porto, CSKA Moscow and Hamburg, none of whom I have EVER seen playing. The big story is, of course, that Chelsea and Barca are together in the same group. *snicker*)

Here's hoping Milan capitalise on the fact that their playmaker won them the World Cup pretty much on the strength of his awesome hair. Is it too much to hope that if they end up meeting Chelsea at a future date Shevchenko will forget that he ever stopped playing for them? "Sheva, that's OUR GOAL." "I know, Frankie, that's - oh. Right."

On a COMPLETELY UNRELATED note, I feel a craving for pasta. This is not entirely out of the blue, since I crave pasta almost as much as I do my *brings out world's smallest violin* mum's avial and bhindi curry on a regular basis. I would very much like some pasta, a little loud music and people to dance about a third of the night away with. My week hasn't yet recovered from the KANK in its eye.

"Crap, they want to bring my team's hotness quotient down. Must convince management that the Ronaldo they want is the cute young one from Man U."

Incidentally, a good two-thirds of all the Google image search results for 'Ronaldo' now show up pictures of Cwistiano.


  1. too much football in the world for my appetite. but your writing about it makes for interesting reading. and thanks to the world cup, i at least know some members of the cast.

  2. Thanks! I enjoy football for the drama and the posturing almost more than I do the game itself, I must admit. 'Cast' is right. :)

  3. I enjoy football for the drama and the posturing almost more than I do the game itself, I must admit.
    Pah! You haven't seen WWF.

  4. But I don't like their legs all that much.