Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a cauliflower is not a flower

Hrishikesh Mukherjee. I don't feel able to pay tribute in any coherent way, so let me just say, All that glitters is not gold! Gobi ka phool, phool hokar bhi nahin hota hain.

How silly and glorious.

I had a hideously unproductive long weekend reading random things and suffering Internet withdrawal to the max. The good bit was getting out and stumbling on a gorgeous book sale behind the British Library where I found - and snapped up - two Armistead Maupins, an obscurish Vonnegut and an excellent copy of The Bloody Chamber, all about 50 rupees a piece.

It grieves me to conclude this blog at this juncture, but conclude it I must, unless you want to hear about strangers on Orkut who, having ingested crack cake, write to me saying that they are a. lonely. b. new to this "jambocake city" (thank goodness I'm in Hyderabad, if that's the case) c. "strong enough to be gentle" and d. interested in the friend ship. There is a special place in the solar system for declarations like these. They all travel, as soon as generated, in a hyperspace ring from the massive light-eating globular entity that scientists have named Moron.

Incidentally, Times Now and CNN-IBN come down from Moron with special permits to vacation on Earth, bringing with them their special brand of cultural Moronism, expressed best in their mistakenly confident mottoes. "Feel The News"? Maybe after Stephen Colbert has ripped you apart. ("Anyone can read the news to you—I promise to feel the news at you.") And "Anything It Takes." Of course, the chaps who gave a suicidal man diesel and matches the other day to get a news story would agree. They're visiting aliens from your neighbouring star system, Cretin.


  1. If Times Now and CNN-IBN came from Moron, and India TV and such-like came from Cretin, where did the blogosphere come from?

  2. It came from the Earth's closest cousin in the neighbouring galaxy, Whatthefuckamion.

  3. "Gobi ka phool, phool hokar bhi nahin hota hain."

    How i love that line!! and that movie!!...thats what great comedy is!

    CNN-IBN's new motto is 'Feel the news'???!!!!
    WTF. Seriously, WTF.

  4. No, that's Times Now. CNN-IBN is still 'Whatever it takes.'

    I think I would very much like to start a broadcasting service called WTF.

  5. oh well, from whatever little i saw of Times Now wven i was back home it seemed worse than IBN.

    A WTF channel seems a good idea... considering the news stories covered by the channels always got 'WTF??' as my reaction.

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