Wednesday, July 05, 2006

some observed statistics in last night's thrilling soccer semi.

Times Ros actually looked at the telly during the game and thought, 'Well, this is thrilling': < 5.

Times Ros looked at the telly and thought, 'What is this, tennis?' especially in the second half: Approximately 200.

Times Ros went * blink * and '...well, fuck, I was supporting the better team after all': Approx. 60.

Times Totti groped various and sundry Germans on camera: 1.

Times everyone on field tried to touch Michael Ballack inappropriately: 90 million.

Times Camoranesi acted like a Harlequin romance heroine, flashing dark baleful eyes at Metzelder and refusing his help after being knocked down: 1.

Times Materazzi clung to his 'drama queen of the world' title with desperation rather than flamboyance: Approx. 118.

Times Ros looked at Jens Lehmann and thought, 'Wow, it's going to be difficult as hell to put anything past this guy': 14.

Times Ros looked at Jens Lehmann and thought, 'Or not!': 2.

Times Gigi Buffon was awesome: > 1. Definitely almost 3! Maybe 40! Nobody knows!

Goals at the end of 117 minutes of play: 0

Italian goals at the end of 119 minutes of play: 2.

German goals at the end of 119 minutes of play: 0.

Overall goals at the end of play: 2.

World Cup 2006 matches in which Italy outclassed Germany at practically every point: 1.

Ros' happiness factor at end of game on a scale of 10: 10.


  1. Anonymous10:19 am

    I can see some grudge against Germany in this post.Is it coz they beat Argntina??

  2. YESSSS!!! the German's sucked! BIGtime!! thankfully this time the better team won!! It was just so satisfying to see JK's face go from smug to aghast in those last two minutes >:). He was actualy looking happy to see the match heading for another shootout!!!

  3. Pirlo is my god. too bad the match fixing scandal hangs like damocles's sword

  4. hmmm ur italian prediction of a previous post is quite spot on eh?
    im still supporting les bleus tonite...allez zizou!

  5. I disagree completely. I thought this was the most absorbing game of the tournament so far. Absolutely brilliant play from Italy in the first half - with some mastermind substitutions from Lippi. Moreover, it was the first game where we were blessed to see both teams actually try and win it in Extra Time rather than mark time for penalties.

  6. @ anonymous: Oh no, I love Germany. LOVE them. :) But Italy has always been my #1 choice, as you will have noticed if you read my earlier post about Argentina.

    @ kray: I don't think they sucked, but they did do a bit of crumbling, it's true. Ballack seemed out of form (probably all the touching) and Klose didn't do anything. I felt pretty sorry for JK, in a way. He seemed to be wanting the win so hard. Did you see him throwing water bottles around?

    @ kausha: Pirlo has great hair, too. :) I hope this helps clear up the bad air around Italian football a bit, although to be completely honest I'm as interested in seeing what comes of it as I am in the outcome of this tournament.

    @ szerelem: It should be an excellent game, and as much as I'm backing Italy, I cannot deny the awesome of Zizou and Henry. Well, forza azzurri to you too. It should be a great game. And it will be hilarious, in a bad way, if Portugal wins this. :D

    @ bina: Oh, I didn't think it was a dull game. It got a little headlocked in the second half with Germany taking a bit of the lead and then with the endless my-ball-no-mine. Absorbing, yes. But it wasn't thrilling in quite the way Germany/Argentina or Brazil/France turned out to be, for a number of reasons.

    And I agree with Kray that Germany were pulling for shootouts. I'm really glad Italy forced it through in extra time. A thoroughly good game, all in all.

  7. Times everyone on field tried to touch Michael Ballack inappropriately: 90 million.

    can you blame them?

  8. Gattuso taking a chance on Ballack was the funniest. The East German turned to ref for help, the ref says 'play on' hahahah
    'I rogues di Roma' will win the cup and yeah Portugal will lose today

  9. @ kate: I don't blame one bit. Blaming is not my scene! I live to not blame boy-touching.

    @ imhunt: Lollerskatez, I could watch that bit over and over again. Gattuso: "Oops, did I foul you?" Ballack: "Nah, it's cool." Gattuso: "We good?" Ballack: "We're good. EXCEPT FOR THE OMG TOUCHING. NO TOUCHING. NO. TOU. CHING!"

    Referee: "Hey, no tou - hi, Michael."

  10. I'm still not convinced. Argentina/Germany didn't really get going. The half hour before and aftr half time was dull with Argentina just passing the ball back and forth and Germany locked in defence. The teams just weren't going for it. As for France-Brazil, goals just aren't that thrilling when the match is one-sided. That is why none of teh French theatrics can match up to Grosso, scoring against 11 men on the pitch and 50,000 in the stadium!

  11. Hmm, I guess theatrics are just different things to different people. No denying that the goals were super, anyhow. Scintillating. Dramatic. Endorphin-releasing. Loved them. Loved them very much. * loopy grin *

  12. I'm with you there! Italy all the way!

  13. ummm FRACE WON!!! VIVE ZIZOU!!!
    you can now whack me for ruinin your comments page...=D

    I had posted about my total parnoia reardi todays match
    and now i can chill (a bit)....

    ill try not be very biased for the final ....may the best team win (may that team be les bleus)!!

  14. regarding....i cannot type =(

  15. i did.. see JK raving that is.. and yea, maybe i went a lil overboard with that last comment.. but it was such a rush to see those two late goals :)