Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Arbitrarily decided to share two salient facts of my life at work.

Voila Mr Wigglebottom, a mouse of superpowers. He can be wound up and made to scuttle around on limbs that are undistinguishable from sturdy white plastic wheels. Alternately, his tail can rotate around itself with facility. His shining black eyes and soft brown fur make him a hit with most people. His fans claim to be admirers not only of his looks but also his approachable, friendly personality, and the fact that he's "always ready to offer a cuddle when you need one!," according to one rat-struck young fan. Often considered timid and reserved, he is in fact possessed of a large measure of gritty courage and capabilities to think on his, erm, wheels. Unfortunately, he lacks the sense of direction required for him to make a truly functional mouse, and so is often laughed at by his rodent friends. This has led him to channel his considerable and varied faculties into other areas, such as knitting and taking apart electronics.

Sir Thomas Walsingham (ignore the surrounding pink groupies and the frog on his head) is a cat, or not, of an altogether different colour. A rat of tremendous passion and intellect, he shot to fame as the intrepid head of intelligence under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England. An accomplished poet and dramatist, he can claim (but never does, of course) to be the inspiration for many of the works of William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe, with the latter of whom he also had a brief but memorable affair, which ended when Kit was killed brutally in a bar brawl. His success as a master spy and detective can be attributed to his legendary powers of deduction and observation, no doubt helped along by the fact that his rodentitude makes it easy for him to blend into the background.

Tom (Walsingham to you) has seen and done much in his long and colourful career as all this and more: he has also been a painter, a musician, one of the BBC's earliest and most popular newsreaders, and a rodent of negotiable affection in Phnom Penh. In 2005, he met the lovely Emily at the Globe Theatre in London and was consequently persuaded to come to and stick around Hyderabad for some time in return for a flatscreen Pentium-IV enabled workstation and an iPod. And, of course, the experience.

As for me, I'm okay. It's been a year and two days since I last moved to Hyderabad. A year ago I was listening to 'The Joshua Tree' obsessively and missing home. Now I'm eating a hummus and tomato sandwich and home is everywhere.

eta: Remiss of me to forget. Thanks to Suhel for snapping the ratsters.

current musix: rachid taha - rock el casbah.

the marriage of middle-eastern pop and british punk rock. straight out of the imagination of a daring and marvellous god.


  1. haha. nice post :) but you should be a little more generous in describing your state of being.

  2. @ unratiosenatic: I'll try, of course, but it's difficult to grab the limelight from celebrities, you know how they are.

    Dear Kate,

    There's no need to call me God in public.

    Yours ever,

  3. I must say, this is one of my favourite posts...maybe because its about rodents...and you know how much i love them

  4. beautiful cute hand

  5. Mithun,

    Your cheque is in the mail.