Thursday, June 29, 2006

an open letter to the team i fancy the most. after italy.

Dear Argentina,

I'm going to make this quick, because they're making me write peer reviews at work and I am so deep in this people-oriented spiel that I fear words like 'dynamic' and 'interface' will be coming out of my ears for some time AFTER this whole FIFA thing is over. You and I, we both know that the football association is legally obligated to make the hottest team win and so, in spite of all this Brazil and France and England (peh.) nonsense, Italy is going to take that World Cup home after distracting their opponents - and referees, apparently - to such a degree that the dazzling back and forth between the masculine distractions of Cannavaro! Totti! Zambrotta! Oh-my-god-was-there-a-football-somewhere-Del-Piero! will leave nothing to mere chance.


We Malayalis have traditionally been your supporters. I'm too young to remember with anything like clarity the infamous Hand of God moment that catapulted you to immortal fame and Diego Maradona to a lifetime of drug use and unattractive fat. When you came into this World Cup alongside some serious greatness, among them Ronaldinho, whose genius even I cannot ignore, and Thierry Henry, who almost singlehandedly matches the hotness quotient of the entire Azzuri, I watched you from the corner of a distracted eye, hoping for the sake of Batistuta and all the rest of your great and beautiful ghosts that you would not humiliate the country which already had the ignominous shame of producing a first lady impersonated for all posterity by Madonna.

But now? I am rooting for you all the way, Argentina. All. The. Way. Because you play beautiful football, and because you're such a great, joyous, enthusiastic side. Although you could do with using more shampoo. Go for it, you guys. Make it a night of nights, make it all the way to the finals, and, dare I say it? Give the Italians a run for their money. Okay?

Know that I say this in spite of the treacherously boyish-yet-stoic charms of Michael Ballack.

Joga bonito, boys.



  1. Lol...Tomorrow's first game is going to be amazing. Enjoy.

  2. Tomorrow's is going to be the match of the tournament. Both germany and argentina are contenders of the World Cup, and it would be really bad to see one of these getting out in Quarters... But, then again, it's going to be a good match, so cheers...

  3. Anonymous8:27 am

    my picks for the semis - germany, england, italy and france

    my picks for the finals - germany and france

    winner - germany

    - s.b.

  4. @ mm: I know. I'm almost too scared to watch the telly. Then again, it could be the most boring game in the history of the World Cup, all defense-defense and bad referee decisions. Which would also be annoying. * keeps fingers crossed, anyhoo! *

  5. @ dem geek: Cheers indeed, may there be cool football.

    @ s.b.: Hey! If we're doing fantasy picks then I'm absolutely holding out for Argentina, Italy, France and Brazil in my last four. :)

  6. We Malayalis have traditionally been your supporters.


    As we Mallus say, 'Don'te crey four mee Urjanteena.'

  7. :p first argentina shud cross germany to get to italy. as for italy, hmm they were lucky to get away from aussies with a penalty. let us see if they do any magic in the coming days.

    both argentina and germany is playing good game with great team spirit, letz see tonight!

  8. my mellu blood says sorin desperately needs some coconut oil for his "dread"locks :)

  9. France and Brazil can't both make it to the semis but Italy have a better chance of getting to the semis. Also, bongs are equally crazy about Argentina. some of them thankfully still support the dutch.

  10. LOVE this post :D

    okay, so I hate France, and Henry.. but that's beside the point :P

    praying harder than I have in a long long time that Jose's boys win this one :|

  11. missed that comment so:

    @ kausha: cal right now is flooded with argentina and brazil flags :D no dutch flags tho. and there's this HUGE arg banner right in front of my building \:D/

  12. @ rocksea: hope springs eternal. they have a good chance, though. serious. :)

    @ i-man: good plan! it'd totally distract the other players, even.

    @ kausha: oooh, yes - they're meeting right away, aren't they? hmm, tough, on the one hand, thierry. on the other - well. time will tell.

    @ kray: hey, why the messing with thierry, man? and i know you for a fellow argentinian fan. :)

  13. And it was an awesome match. Unfortunately for you, Argentina lost, but not before an extra time and an exciting penalty shoot out.

    England has had an easy way till now. Let's see what happens now.

  14. depressing, really.
    I cannot believe they're out.


  15. i didn't watch much football. but with the world cup happening in an adjacent country has gotten me to change my mind. sorry about argentina :( I do like the way the south american and southern european countries play.

    so which country is it now? or are you going to continue mourning their loss?

  16. yai yai yaii, Argentina is out. Italy is through. Its all going as planned. Italy pick up the trophy and the world forgets about the match fixing controversy back home. I'm suporting the scoundrels. But the Brazilian chick was hot, wasn't she?

  17. X-( I hate the ref. I wish Klose woke up this morning with his knee paralysed.

    :(( heartbreaking. no other word for it. :-<

    @ Roswitha: hey, it's nothing personal against Henry.. just that he plays for France, who I hate for beating Brazil in '98, and Arsenal, who employ Wenger :|

  18. Oh, commiseration, how you aid the soul on its hobble back to a measure of equanimity!

    k2: i'm with portugal, hee. even when its all said and done, though, there's a strange, detached comfort in knowing that brazil tends to kill everyone else.

    kate: * hugs * cruel, cruel world.

    @ unratiosenatic: it's still my first choice, italy. beyond that, i don't see any team i'd feel like rooting for at the finals, barring a miracle from portugal.

    @ imhunt: come to think of it, i don't know what i'd have done if the semi had been an italy/argentina match. although i'm pretty sure argentina would have kicked their pretty arses if it came down to it.

    @ kray: ;_; dude. tears all the way. i actually do like the germans, but wayyyy not enough to want them to go ahead and win this.

  19. Argentina played terrible football in this match. It was a fair result