Saturday, June 24, 2006

magical me

In the wonderful world of Harry Potter, self-obsessed beautiful people write books. In the blogosphere, they meme, even if they aren't beautiful.

This time, however, I have excellent reason, since I was tagged by Aishwarya, who has been known to commit violence upon those who do not obey her. In the name of peace and fluffy bunnies, I submit my memeage, for her greater glory.

I am thinking about
Water. Specifically because I am thirsty. And also because ever since we got a television all I get to watch is commercials, and that new Gatorade commercial strikes me as thoroughly crappy. It attempts to convince the viewer that Gatorade is better than water, which is just a cracked pitch for any product, in my opinion. You can throw yourself up against any force in the world, but you don't mess like that with the old ech two oh, man. Who buys this shit?

I said
Ten 'Hail Roswithas' and committed an act of slangy hyperbole, because I didn't think I was giving myself enough attention.

I want to
Have money, and power, and also to rule the world, even if it means I'll have to push half-a-dozen heavy-duty Malayalam superstars, including one Vivek N, off the edge of a cliff to get there.

I wish
I could respect you in the morning. Actually, I just wish I could respect anyone in the morning. Or do. Anything. Anyhow. Anyone. In the morning. I - yeah. Not a morning person.

I miss
You. KIDDING. Go read a book or something.

I hear
Cake, at the moment. Not the rich sweet baked produce, although there have been times when the effect of same upon the senses has gone beyond the mere confines of touch, taste, sight and smell, because what is cake? Cake is all! In this specific instance, however, I refer to the band from Sacramento, California, whose music is often classified as alternative or indie rock, although it combines multiple musical genres, such as funk, pop, jazz, rap, and country, featuring droll lyrics rife with word play and syncopation, laconically-voiced in a rap-like style by lead vocalist/guitarist John McCrea, catchy distorted guitar riffs courtesy, until 1998, of guitarist Greg Brown and, until 1997, bass player Victor Damiani, and a solo trumpet played by Vince DiFiore.

(Heh. That Wikipedia also, no.)

I wonder
Why, ever since the animated film Aladdin came out, the word 'wonder' has been inextricably linked in my mind with Aladdin and Jasmine flying about on a carpet with their chibi eyes and cafe-au-lait skin, getting all with the romaanz and the irritating tenor-pop - oh, okay, now I get it, it's that song, the song with all the W's, what's it called, A Whole New World!


Have a better one. Robin Williams - Prince Ali.

I regret
Rien! Nothing! Zip! Zilch! Nada! Exhausting my entire stock of exclamation points here.|-~?~~~111

I am
Oh crap, I've already taken the Memorable Quotes from Pre-Revolution Frenchmen route once. Goodbye, Descartes. And so, kids, it's the truth for you today. I'm a medieval Roman-drama-loving German nun with a penchant for fried chicken and my mother superior. My real name is not and has never been Maria Von Trapp at any point in time, though.

I dance
Like no one's watching. Cringe, cringe.

I sing
Alto parts in the Hyderabad Choral Society.

I cry
like the pissed-off, weight-gaining bitter old spinster that I am. If I was in Soviet Russia, pissed-off, weight-gaining bitter old spinsters would cry like me, though. Oddly comforting thought.

I am not always
Happy about the fact that I exchanged my peace of mind for superstardom, but I'm philosophical about it these days. I'm actually a very introspective person, you know.

I write
What I don't know. Always. It's my advice to all aspiring novelists. Stretch out a bit. It doesn't matter if you fall over a cliff, you never break bones in fiction. Plus, all the Malayalam superstars and Vivek N will be there to keep you company if you do.

I confuse
Hahahha. MOTTO.

I need
Water. Jesus, I'm still thirsty.

I should try
To go find some water.

I finish
Abruptly. It's my weekend and there's a divine plate of paani-puri somewhere on Road No. 12 that has my name written all over it in big sparkly letters eighteen feet high.


  1. Aishwarya, who has been known to commit violence upon those who do not obey her.

    Oh sure. You said you liked it at the time! :(

  2. I said
    Ten 'Hail Roswithas' and committed an act of slangy hyperbole, because I didn't think I was giving myself enough attention.

    Thank you for making me smile despite this terrible head-splitting headache.

  3. three nice things, before i go to bed:
    1. this post. was fun. must've been fun writing it too.
    2. gatorade, when you've been running for an hour. then it's better than water. haven't seen the ad though.
    3. pani puri! hope you managed to get to them.

  4. Anonymouse3:46 pm

    Another one bitten by the "In Soviet Russia" meme.

  5. I knew you would throw in the HCS somewhere.

  6. @ aisha: You made me, you tool of the patriarchy.

    @ nicole: oh, bebe. * coos * feel better soon.

    @ unratiosenatic: the paani-puri was awesome. i don't know you from adam and i realise that this may be an invitation for you to stalk, capture and possibly torture me to death using jalebis and fluffy bunnies, but seriously, if you're ever in hyderabad? i will take you to this paani-puri waala. he's amazing.

    @ anonymouse: wrong link. this one would do much better.

    @ tanushree: ya, i never said my blog wasn't about real life.

  7. if you come (back?) to Bombay and i'm there, i'll take you to my favorite pani-puri-wala near the bandra(w) station. somehow, i couldn't find good pani puri places in town.

  8. Anonymouse11:39 am

    The link wasn't about the meme. That was in continuation to our first conversation.

  9. *laughter*

    Thanks :) That was fun!

    Yay - in ten days I shall be in Bombay and finally get decent wadapav and panipuri (in minral water, no less - Hiranandani rocks!) again :o) Muhahahahah!!!

  10. @ unratios: Bandra West? You're kidding me, I grew up a stone's throw away from there! Surely you don't speak of Elco?

    @ dev: I figured that, but, you know, for the benefit of other readers. :) Loved your geeky math. jokes on Orkut, by the way. You hard-science people also, no.

    @ lakesidey: Now now, you know how they say half the taste of the chaat comes from elements that aren't meant to be there in the first place.

    Envy you a Bombay trip, though. Have fun!