Thursday, May 18, 2006

this blog has not joined the ranks of the deceased

Neither have I, as I am yet young and strong and due to turn 22 tomorrow. My Internet connection is expiring on me, however. I'm in Bombay for the time being, and will return to Hyderador on Monday.

So what have I been doing, in short? Taking classes in Spanish, reading really big books, and watching Ramdev Baba and Karan Arjun. Ramdev Baba is cooler but way less awesome than Karan Arjun, on the mutable, delicate plane of awesomeness where these things reside. More on them later - maybe, so kindly do not consider this a threat - but for now a notion of why Blackadder does not always get things right. In Season One, see, there happens to be a bit where Edmund is told the enemy is coming towards them, and he runs around in his funny tights crying, "Run for the hills, run for the hills!"

"But sir," he is told, "they're coming from the hills!"

And Edmund does an about turn crying 'Run AWAY from the hills! Run AWAY from the hills!"

Which is pretty funny. However, what's funnier: Salman Khan yelling his lungs off at Shahrukh Khan saying, 'Bhaag Arjun, bhaag! Ma ko leke bhaag! (Run Forrest - er - Arjun run! Take Mother and run!)' while fending off twenty thousand men with swords and mean stomping horsies and big turbans that probably smell like death. And Shahrukh looks confused for a moment, and then sets off running - towards the swords and the mean stomping horsies. And the turbans of death.

Gotta love the Rakesh Roshan School of Intellect. Specially Underdeveloped for Mama's Boys in Bollywood. Now with free turbans!

Must dash, as meeting Imhunt in a very short while. Keep it real and all that, ya!

Also, fuck you, Barca! How dare you bring despair to the heart of Thierry Henry? This is primarily Lindsey's fault, I agree, for making me care about the fortunes of Arsenal when I can't even tell the difference between forward and defense - most of the time - but in the end, it all boils down to the fact that you are a collective of evil boys in ugly striped shirts. Anyway, Thierry out-hots you all by a mile and the equatorial line of a medium-sized planet.

In full awareness that it must look like my ADHD has gone into overdrive, I leave you, mes petits choux,


  1. Ramdev Baba is indeed rather fun to watch.

    Oho, you're watching football too? Can't wait for the World Cup, for once newspapers will gabber more about footy than about cricket*

    (yes, I'm courting violence here by stating that I dislike cricket)

  2. 'tis the season of Blackadder posts, it seems. A good connection though.

  3. Happy birthday!

    That was always one of my favorite moments in the pilot episode of the series. Goes right up there with, "I suppose you'll want to ravish me then?" "Yes, yes, in a minute..."

  4. hey happy birthday!

    but that still doesn't mean u get away with 'fuck u, Barca'!!! :(
    thot u shud know, it was Arsen Wenger, not Barcelona who really brought despair to Henry :P

  5. arsenal is the devil's spawn

    thus have i spoken. remember it well child.

  6. "Fuck you Barca" hhahahaha, and Henry will stay with Arsenal for another 5 years. You now have an EPL team to support.

  7. supriyaaa

    happy birthday.. swalpa belated types..

    agree - paame henry.. but next year - henry will heave heartbreak again.. as bayern munich WINN


  8. haha ... here's to the danster, from slate:

    "An underground gnostic sect has spent the last 2,000 years guarding an unspeakable secret, a secret with the power to shake civilization in its very boots. And that secret, against all reason, involves the messiah and Audrey Tautou."

    And the kicker:

    "The Da Vinci Code is at heart deeply religious, and monotheistic at that: It wants us to believe that there is one secret truth that can change history, that that truth is knowable, and that only through Tom Hanks can we know it. Our salvation depends on Forrest Gump."

  9. @ ish: cricket is pretty much indistinguishable from commercial breaks on indian tv these days. long, involved, and inevitably distracting you from what you really want to watch.

    @ cyberswami: is it? would you be kind enough to point to some more?

    @ nicole: thank you darling love, and congrats on the commencement. :D

    @ kray: but arsene wenger's clothes? MUCH better.

    @ udit: that must be why i like them so much!

    @ imhunt: i know, i danced! now for lots more watching henry and fabregas, er, making passes at each other.

    @ kn: thanks so much da! nice to see your team loyalties haven't changed in all this while. :)

  10. here's one:

    there were a couple of others but I can't remember where i saw them, sorry!

  11. haan yaar - totally still lau my munchen..

    hoping that ballack does not leave them during the off-season..

    we could have done with henry tho!