Monday, May 22, 2006

help in making happy hyderabad

(eta: My thoughts on the recently much-recommended "The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas" here.)

For you and for me and the entire human race. Like every other Indian city, Hyd has dug up its major roads - presumably for the construction of a flyover, but really in anticipation of the monsoons. "For generations, India has offered up its dirt tracks, its lovers' lanes and its arterial city roads to the weather gods for a safe and successful rainy season!" as a noted sociologist famously did not remark.

The digging is accompanied by a bajillion boards in pastel shades serving as safety screens and PSA's such as 'let's keep our city clean and green' and 'drive carefully...someone is waiting for 'U'." Quite unlike the dramatic 'Is it Mirkwood? Is it Isengard? No, it's the Carter Road promenade by night!' state of Bandra's best. I caught these charming pieces of civic art in broad daylight on my way back from the airport this morning.

Er, about that. I actually didn't get on my flight. I overslept. Well, you could call it my experiment in plumbing hitherto unsuspected depths of incompetence. The parents were lovely about it. They woke me, fed me, rushed me to the airport and coughed up money for another ticket on the spot, telling me all the while that it was an adventure and I wasn't to be stressed about it. Mmm, security blanket so warm and comfy.

And yet, as I was touching down this morning I felt awash in relief. The drama while leaving hadn't helped any, of course. And then, I guess there's no such thing as saying a proper farewell to Bombay. It's always going to be part and parcel of my life. But for the first time I looked down when we were about to land and felt tiny pinpricks of affection for Hyderabad's judiciously cultivated trees and snakey roads to which I was returning. Nowhere near the excitement of watching the world explode into light as you land in nighttime Bombay, and naturally, this state of affairs didn't last beyond the few minutes it took for the rickshaw drivers to execute the acts of amazing swindle for which they are universally known. But it was there.

current musix: les saxareenos - everybody sexareeno!

P.S. Hey, thanks for all the birthday wishes and stuff, you guys. Lovely to read! And I hereby appoint Kaush Honorary Gift-Giver for Life, for he is my snugglebug, and has super taste. (Must not talk about his impending millionaire status, must not talk, must not - )


  1. Glad you liked ze gift! looks like you had an interesting time geeting back. Also, my blog url is incorrect. but these little things come to naught really. Hope you're all settled in again.

  2. Sorry dorling. Will correct aa!

  3. Anonymous10:26 am

    Hyderabad is always happy. there is no need to make it happy, thanks to its glorious tradition of wild traffic, unpredictable road digging, wide open manholes, uncouth spitting and so many memorable healthy shenganians.

    No one bothers. and our pride MCH is trying to build a brand of Hyderabad. It is already a brand for all the above and why waste time and money to make to one now.

    Chaps here are as unpredcitable as London weather. They walk jay walking style as majestically as a proud giraffe. Some chaps walk in a thumping manner like what the great cricket genious Sir Vivain Richards used to in his pomp days.

    The crowd pullers - auto , cycle, rick and seven eaters wallahs are a state within a state of anarchy. they drive as if it some Monda Market. no respect for traffic rules . those are only in their shirt pocket.

    Traffic cops are never seen and when they are seen,(once in a blue moon) they are at a loss to control the traffic since they have come from a vacation. when they wave ther hands, the traffic from all sides zoom and then boom in the crossfire.

    digging of roads and footpaths goes unabated. who is digging for whom and for what purpose, is never known.

    Hyderabad will always be happy whether sun rises in the west or east or whether moon dips in the ocean or our road puddles

    God bless our great mega city Hyd

    what di y say? tell i right?

  4. Brother, you are right.

  5. Anonymous10:35 am

    Hi! Roswitha

    thanks for your swift reply. it was as swift as our wild traffic.

    Let's be pals and keep in touch with one another.

    here is my mail -

    keep in touch with me . i shall vide this forum and your mail / cell

  6. Anonymous10:40 am


    let me know soon thr this . send a reply . i am waiting

  7. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Hi! Roswitha

    Still no reply . will u kindly sent me one? i am waiting

  8. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Still no reply, roswitha . i am immensely disappointed . anyway i wish u the best and keep corresponding vide this forum

    have a nice time

  9. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Our beautiful city can be proud of some fab work in Basheerbagh and Begumpet. In Begumpet, near Lifestyle mall , the cable connection network cover has been opened and some asshole has run away with its cover. One can see wires protruding and rocks thrown here and there. And this is said to be ultra-prestigious road in our ever beautiful city Hyd. Chaps when they find a mauka, brazenly pee (they do it during late night) and the footprints of the pee is stark bright and its imprint can be seen for days. Powerful pees, this.

    Near Palace Colony, chaps from manhole dept have come and plastered manhole opening and dug up rocks and mud have been thrown on the footpath with ease. Perhaps they are meant to be speed breakers for chaps who walk ultra-fast .

    Pee counters are being opened with effortless ease all over the city. It’s free and its open and any chap can come and do the stuff with ease. There is one near Country Club, Begumpet where the great club officials have demolished a part of their walls and chunked it inwards leaving a huge open space that has now become a most ultra-modern pee counter. Absolutely free of cost …….huge savings. Chaps come and show their manliness and care a damn even when attractive college gals go in and out of the place nearby on their vehicles. It is better that club officials built a pee hall with ultra-modern gizmos. The place should be framed in a ad board and hung on the flyover footpath.. all glam

    Brand hyderabad sheen is getting more shine with each passing day. Don’t u think tha, folks? Isn’t it?