Monday, May 01, 2006

bringing all the boys to the yard

I spent this weekend moving into our new apartment. Not much to say, except that we have congenial neighbours and rooms of our own. It is also a very hard place whence to hail an autorickshaw. My first attempts to learn to ride a bicycle ended in disaster (I crashed into an old gentleman. He had to be paid.) but I was almost serious yesterday when toying with the idea of learning to ride one and then buying one to cruise the roads of Hyderabad. Then I gave up on it, because these are the roads of Hyderabad. I may not crash into old gentlemen anymore, but old gentlemen will certainly crash into me. So will young gentlemen, non-gentlemen, and women. And children without licenses taking automobilic liberties. Only last night, the rickshaw driver who dropped us to a restaurant asked me to get my leg out of the way of his rickshaw – after I had yelped at him for running over it.

One of the landmarks on the way to our new home is ____ Dairy Farm.

____ Dairy Farm has a motto.

Their motto is as follows.


And with that, I leave you.

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  1. *howling with laughter*
    so, you going to encourage their hobby then ?

  2. * laughing helplessly

  3. Cow fetishists!

    My dad apparently is a member of some science society in Hyderabad, I shall go with him someday and WE SHALL MEET UP.

  4. sigh! how I miss good old crowded Hyd :(

  5. *grins*

    so are you coming to bangalore to meet me?
    i've told kaushu about it too...

  6. then what would milking be?

  7. @ kk: No, I've switched to black tea.

    @ ish: OMGZ YES PLZ.

    @ golu: Maybe we should exchange nostalgia(e? s?).

    @ kate: I doubt it - but you're honour bound to bring me tee-shirts!

    @ imhunt: I dunno. I'm afraid to consider the possibility. :D

  8. lakesidey1:44 pm

    In case you reconsider about Bangalore anytime in the next two months, meet me as well.

    What else is up?


  9. Hello ... Me in Austria these days for some conference. The place next to me has a board that reads "Roswitha !@#!$%(something in german) ". Mebbe will get a snap of the board for u :D

  10. hey! new apartment finally! :) Hyd does sound like a fun place to have a bike in tho! like a risky adventure sport :P

  11. Anonymous11:43 pm

    no posts?

    write one sometime like what vikster did just now.

    -random anon.