Thursday, April 20, 2006


to last evening:

me: tom cruise has had his pod-baby.
flatmate: wow. and eurgh.
me: yeah. know what they're calling it?
flatmate: no, what're they calling it?
me: suri.
flatmate and i: SURI. CACKLE!!!
me: so i guess she can never marry amrish puri.
flatmate: ...
me: because then she'd be -
flatmate: * facepalm * no. do not say it. i beg you.
me: okay.
flatmate: and isn't amrish puri DEAD?
me: ... another compelling argument to forgo a matrimonial bond.


  1. *LAUGH*

    Suri Puri. There, I said it.

  2. See how I cackle!


  3. lol vot a hilarious snap ! Indeed Suri Puri !

  4. She's an alien, he's dead... I don't see any problem at all? :p

  5. lolmax.
    suri means "pickpocket" in japanese, apparently, though i'm guessing you already know that :)

  6. @ sv: hee, entertainment is stupid oprah chopra jokes, truly.

    @ aishwarya: little bit louder please.

    @ bombay addict: the photo is a KILLA. it's from his foray into spielberg films. i didn't knowwhether to cry or die.

    @ t2: hi.

    @ ish: you rock my socks. :D

    @ kk: well, now i know! thanks for dropping by. :)

  7. Suri also means 'go away from here' in Hebrew. Or is it Israeli speak? No offence there.
    Suri the puri? Suri the lucchi? Suri the flat bread? Suri the fattening fried foodstuff? I am on a roll here!

  8. @ tanushree: AFAIK, Hebrew is, in fact, the national language of Israel.