Tuesday, March 28, 2006

out in the cold.

I have joined the ranks of the discredited and marginalised for real, and it's frankly pissing off. It turns out that the flatmates and I are not eligible for the house in ___ Towers. We are financially solvent, of sound mind, and own nothing, not even a television, that would create decibel issues for the two-grandchild neighbours. However, a committee of these bald and shaggy-eyebrowed dudes retroactively judged that we would make unworthy tenants of their halls, and threw our advance back in our faces (the metaphor is close to literal) and told us they didn't want single women to share living space with them. I regret, now, that we never fed them the atheist-lesbians story when we had the chance. I also regret the fact that I can't live in an apartment I loved, because a bunch of stuffy parochial old dears are innocent of basic ideas of tolerance/diversity/leaving other people the fuck alone. But quite possibly they were horrified at the thought that their curly-haired children might be introduced to ideas of Arts degrees, or lying around eating bon-bons and reading Proust on weekends.

In retrospect, however, I ought to have taken the 'we-only-want-Hindus' thing seriously. And then they came for me, alright. Je regrette tout.


  1. awwwww....poor baby! *hugs*
    come to bombay!

  2. Do you want me to pop round and kill them? I will you know.

  3. It's pretty shitty that you didn't get your place of stay. Hopefully you will manage to get another one which suits your convenience which is sometimes easier said than done.

  4. Anonymous7:54 am

    *hugs* In the long run, you would not have been happy in that apartment, not with those neighbors around. I hope you soon find a nice place with nicer people for neighbors.

    Ithilwen (posting anonymously because she doesn't have a Blogger account)

  5. awww...that's so pissing off! hope you get something you like even more soon.

  6. Am I allowed to live up to my anti-snob reputation by saying that I'm horrified at the thought of Arts degrees too? Or any degrees at all. (Not as horrified as I am by curly-haired children, but still...)

  7. @ kate: i will, i will. i'll burn this town up and come to bombay and eat bon-bons.

    @ em: i want you to pop around, first. :)

    @ kausha: it is pretty shitty. it is easier said than done. but i'm not giving up hope yet.

    @ ithilwen: *hugs back* thank you. i consoled myself with the same thought. it's just unfortunate that i was willing to tolerate them, but they weren't willing to tolerate me.

    @ anindita * hugs * thank you so much.

    @ jabberwock: you're allowed to say whatever you like, although it is my opinion that degrees make very nice pets, esp. b.a.'s.

  8. 'People can have many different kinds of pleasure. The real one is that for which they will forsake the others' - Proust

    So which one is your real one Roswitha - Bon-bons or Proust?


  9. a related story where this woman in kerala (although the article doesnt mention it, she is one of the better known literary figures in kerala).


    she sued them. and won.