Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Street guys would invent slang ("He's a three-pad man") and "give fives" on the corner with some exchange like:

"Man, you lookin' good!"

"Yeah, man, I'm on the rag!"

- from If Men Could Menstruate, by Gloria Steinem.

I've got werewolves on my mind.

Remus Lupin, one of my favourite characters in the Harry Potter series, is a werewolf. Every twenty-eight days, he turns into a howling, slavering beast that bays for the blood of any human that crosses its path. He is not very unlike me in that respect. We may both have trouble deciding between which is the sexier of Sirius Black and Severus Snape, but our true bond? Is the howling beast thing. There is an unfailing tendency to mindless violence and utter intolerance of the human condition that I connect with deeply during that particular, well-regulated time of month. Remus Lupin and his co-wolves, however, can be easily spared from committing a crime by the simple practice of marking the full moon on a calendar. When one speaks of the entire world's child-bearing population, how likely is it that potential victims (which, cannibalistically, includes other members of the childbearing population) can find themselves a safe haven?

I have howled, I have slavered. I have whimpered, I have curled up in a fetal ball. I have sharpened my claws.

And I have grit my teeth. Being female, I have reminded myself, does not exclude me from being human, however difficult it may be for the population at large to remember this. I have diverted myself by reading conservative Victorian poetry that habitually bores me to tears and weakens my will to live.

But it has made no difference. The werewoman, not being a cow, remains uncowed. The hold of the dark powers upon it is unshakeable. It will remain a tortured and torturing creature with a limbs of lead and a bellyful of fire. Such is its power.

Resistance, just this once, is futile.


  1. yes! yes! i remember telling one of those people who subscribed to the 'remus lupin is coded homosexual' theory that, no, he's really coded a woman, although my own periods are usually mild on the violent side of things these days (and i never mark them, silly me).

    'if men could menstruate' is amazing.

  2. why if! though no physical aspects to boast of, i go thru the blues once in a while and i see it as the male manifestation of the same lol

    anyways, menstruation, is better taken +vely right?

  3. How aptly you describe the blight of our kind!

  4. @ june: ha. have you read emily's theory on how it's actually snape who's coded female? it makes so much damn sense - i will mail you. and yeah, never got the 'werewolf-gay' thing. homosexuals don't turn itno howling slavering beasts once every twenty-eight days. the Wizarding World as a whole, on the other hand - is a reasonably good metaphor for the gay underworld. harry in the closet? diagon alley?

    @ rocksea: oh no, you don't get to steal the special womanly thunder. the special womanly thunder isn't such a big deal on the other days of the month, anyway. menstruation, like depression, is really not as romantic as some people make it out to be.

    @ anindita: thank you - i hope you've had a lovely birthday! free of the scourge of our kind.

  5. mm ya, that i can understand but therez no other option rt?

  6. ... you could cut yourself shaving?

  7. oh? i didnt get you.

    and now thanks for reminding the sour part of being a man. i hate shaving!! oh may be i shud write a poem on it. it is so boring time consuming task :(

  8. I'm so going to wax wanky about the menstrual metaphors hidden in Harry Potter one day. I mean, I'll sound like a crazy boot, but hey this is the internet.

    And while we're on the subject - anyone notice how Oedipal the whole Ginny thing makes the Potterverse. Harry - the boy who wanted to kill his father and slep with his mother.

  9. "If Men Could Menstruate": BRILLIANT! Just died laughing.