Tuesday, February 07, 2006

making up

for being an evil empire. First Rowan Atkinson, then Emily, now this. Oh, Great Britain. You make me love you so, sometimes.

Via GenderGeek, some very heartening news about Britain.


  1. very very heartening indeed!!

    wonder why dubya's going about like the medieval catholic church!

  2. I'm wondering if this post is going to kick up even half the storm your RDB review did. Why do I feel that it won't? :-) Great piece...the other one, I mean.

  3. :D bringing in comparisons with the slugfest on the other post might very well kick up some kind of a storm, but to what end?

  4. @ kray: Dubya's being paid by people who respect good sense too much to come close to it.

    @ tomjoad: Thanks! And I'm very grateful it isn't kicking up a storm. I might have to be mean to someone trying to convince me that freedom of information is sinful.