Thursday, February 09, 2006

making down

My good friend Mithun Kidambi (Ray-deo to discerning bloggers) did me the honour of calling me "tangential" the other day. I'm humbled. Because, you know, I try.

But it's been a week for my real, sour, humourless feminist self to reveal itself. So many things to piss a girl off mightily. First, a psychiatrist takes his 17-year-old patient off schizophrenia meds, because, although they're helping her, they're also making her fat. Shockingly, she doesn't seem to mind exchanging mental instability for chub. A seventeen-year-old who doesn't possess negative body image has really got to be insane.

Then I see these tee-shirts. And realise that there are people out there who think that - we take sexual abuse too seriously. Well. I never.

Then I discover that my friend cannot buy a frigging motorcycle on monthly installments, although her boyfriend can. Because they just don't allow it.

I was thinking about the last post I made, which for those who didn't click on the link was about the UK setting up a fund to counter the Global Gag rule imposed by Bush Co., which prevents foreign organisations from using funds to provide safe and legal abortions to women in remote, rural areas of aided nations, or information about abortion and birth control, or the right to lobby for legal abortions - basically a heap of Very Bad Ideas. And I remembered that abortion comes in very handy in this country when families want to commit female foeticide. And that abortion services - the safe, legal kind - are still pretty dismal out here, for a number of reasons. But pretending they don't exist? What am I missing, America?

Finally, what's everyone doing on Valentine's Day? I thought about writing a love letter to my ten favourite books of all time, and then realised it would be much, much better to have a cup of tea and a quiet lie-down.

current musix: rang de basanti. suck it up, it doesn't mean i like the film any better.

eta: BUT the Eighth Carnival of Feminists is up, viz. awesome. And I just realised I'm part of it. o.O

'kay, I've got the feathers, who's bringing the rum?


  1. true.even i hear a lot of educated folk talking about banning abortions in india. the very reason for legalising it in india was to avoid illegal abortions which were very unsafe and done in unsterile conditions, leading to high maternal mortality. the only way forward in india is to have sex education and promote awareness of contraception.

  2. Obligatory squee. The Prasaran Bhavan/ radio station is my school!

    *lavishes love on school building that looks incredibly nifty*

    Er. Yes. Movie was entertaining upto a point and then became more far-fetched than the alien in Hitchhiker's Guide who goes around the universe abusing people alphabetically.

  3. Anonymous10:42 pm

    those t-shirts made me gag.

    oh, and read this, if you will - - this is what happens in america, they are willing to withold information from rape victims because the hospitals feel it is morally untenable. It is "Kaliyuga" alright.

  4. thanks anonymous for the free republic link.

    while these overt cases (bike loans, offensive tees etc.) make one sick, many of the less obvious instances are as scary.

    like sometime back my uncle decided it was time for his daughter (my cousin) to get married and put her info on some matrimonial portal. he actually mailed her the URL only after posting it on the portal!
    she seemed quite reconciled to the idea, and said she had to "do her duty".

  5. @ mind curry: thank you! curtailing the freedom of information is unjustifiable in a legal set-up. Sex education, contraception, getting over the dismal perception of women as liabilities - we could go a way with all of these.

    @ sv: i think i've said everything i could about that film in a post lower down, but in a word: ick. although your school looked nice. which one is it?

    @ anonymous: i'd read about that earlier. gods. you want to bet that governor whatsisname would be running about like a headless chicken if he ever happened to wake up pregnant, the creepy fuck.

    @ viv: don't remind me. i love my parents, but they're going to put me up on one of those sites one day.

    well, i could just direct potential suitors to my blog. *g*

    *hugs* and update sometime, pa!

  6. Ug. Well this pretty much ruined my day too.:(

  7. Anonymous2:20 am

    Ewwww those t-shirts. I wonder what Mae would do if he saw a scrawny scrap of manflesh crawling towards him in such garb?

    If it makes you feel better, I chanelled my fangirl soul and sporked the offensive prospect article. Because it was do that or let my head explode.