Friday, February 03, 2006

friday farewell.

It's a crazy world for as long as you're connected to the Internets. Come Friday evening, you shut down your system, wend your way resolutely home, and spend the next twenty-four hours in bed, alternately sleeping and devouring A Game of Thrones.

You order jeera rice and dal fry from the local shady restaurant, and then supplement the meal with a double cheese pizza. You lower ten-rupee notes on a piece of string from the balcony to the chai-lady down on the footpath at intervals, in order to have strong, sweet, fragrant tea sent up to make being awake worthwhile.

You have long, lazy baths, childishly delighted with the expensive shower gels and shampoos you're usually too rushed to use on weekdays. You wear your favourite frayed khakis, take the imaginary dog out for a walk down the leafy lanes of the park nearby.

You have long, heartfelt conversations about spirituality and society and hot office gossip with the flatmates. You commune with the hidden self that refuses to do time with the rest of you on the capitalist payroll.

You plot your great novel. You spend hours lost within the dense, complex beauty of the first movement of Beethoven's Sixth.

You go shopping at FabIndia. You go shopping at the British Library's sale of withdrawn books. You walk in triumph to the swank new theatre to watch the swank new Hindi film everyone's been talking about.

You sleep some more.

And then, by the time Monday arrives, you're climbing the walls out of sheer desperation, because you are a WEB JUNKIE, and all the world's pleasures come to nothing when compared to a GOOD HARD SURF on a gleaming flat screen and hi-speed connection.

And the Internets, caressing your fevered mind with the touch of an indulgent mother, will open its arms to you. Because you have MORE THAN BLOOD running in your veins. You are an ELECTRIC ADVENTURER, soldiering your way through forests and deserts of webspace. You have SUPPED on the MILK of virtual freedom. You have BANDWIDTH FOR BONES. And a GOOGLE SEARCH BAR for a BRAIN. You are possibly even a LOSER, but one of the kind that is past caring about it's LOSERLINESS, utterly BEYOND REDEMPTION.

Until then, homies. Keep the web safe, wot.

---> aaand a belated happy birthday to Vikram! May the sour apple martinis flow and nubile young beauties dance attendance upon your every whim. Or, you know, have another fantastic year of lounging about and reading big fat books that no one else understands, because geeking over history is as good as love. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


  1. Have I told you lately that I love you? Because I do, seriously. I'll keep the internet warm till you get back on Monday.

  2. ooh, good dragons and bad sex, can't put the Martin down can you? Mail me when you need the fourth book and I will dutifully send it and then you will join the torture of waiting for that damn bastid (are you allowed to curse here? nevermind, already did) to finish quickly and not keep extending it to more books.

    Will you want the fourth book, you ask? Yes you will, it'll grab you unawares while the lit-crit half cringes in agony.

  3. Can I borrow the first when you're done?:P

  4. Amen to that.

    no wait, i err disagree. Who needs the internets over the weekend.

  5. hi there - stumbled upon your are a great writer!

    side note - i just returned from a trip to india, and everyone had raved about fabinda - i found it completely overpriced, perhaps i just went to the wrong one =(.

  6. I love George R.R Martin. Wait till you get to the Storm of Swords.

  7. Dude, what are you complaining about? Your weekend sounds pretty cool. Damn, I miss those chais!

  8. @ linds: love you tooooo. thanks for watching over it, i've gotcha now!

    @ tidu: Intel b0iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. 'Sup? Now I don't feel bad about asking you to send A Feast For Crows along. Reading A Clash of Kings and enjoying it muchly - its all so big and blustery. My lit-crit half isn't cringing yet, though. It's too blinded by all the shiny cloaks.

    @ aishwarya: Well, it's going to seem very rude to refuse you right after I've accepted Udit's generous offer of a book all the way across the world. No, all the same. *g*

    @ archster: You made this comment over the weekend! You do! I do! the world does!

    @ sup: Hi, and thanks. I hope I keep amusing. And yes, there also happens to be a household linens FabIndia. That's always the wrong one.

    @ Red: I'm waiting, I'm waiting! Onto A Clash Of Kings now and loving majorly on Tyrion Lannister.

    @ indianpad: The chais make up for a lot of it, but the withdrawal symptoms never really go away, alas. :)

  9. You just destroyed that illusion of a wall of denial I put up. Seeing as I did post on a Sunday. :)

  10. Cheers Baby!

    Pictures of my birthday Extravaganza! (the exclamaition is REQUIRED) on my blog.

    I'm the hot single chappie who's alone cause he reads Catullus and Churchill instead of Brittney's latest Kaballah-inspired bio..