Friday, January 06, 2006

why virtuality beats real life, #238569234

One good thing about Orkut is how smart it makes you feel. On a community called 'Let's Argue About Feminism' a humanoid dangerously enabled with linguistic ability cropped up chirping 'I would never want to marry a feminist, they hate men!' or something along those lines. This inspired a flurry of responses that came from people reasoning and rational, as well as those who created bricks of feminist theory and threw it at the OP's head. I scrolled through all the replies and failed to find a single one in one hundred and fifty that responded satisfactorily. I thought it was lovely he didn't want to marry a feminist! Since no feminist would want to marry him.

Orkut makes the world such an easy place to live in, really. Almost as easy as that utter slut Eve. Another post somewhere started with the question, 'Why are all women evil?' Another gross of replies. It seems no one wants to admit that we're evil because we like it.


  1. It seems no one wants to admit that we're evil because we like it.

    That's not true. My other female suitemate and I have openly declared ourselves the Evil Sisterhood of Suite #433A. It's just easier to be open about it. Affords you more manic grins and evil laughter (or, in my case, giggling).

  2. I'm personally not on Orkut, but my friend showed me this Karachi vs. Lahore post one day that just cracked me up. It basically involved people from Karachi and people from Lahore first lauding their own cities and then dissing the other's cities in an increasingly lewd and curse filled manner, the likes of which could only come from people who have heard the F-word only on television or have learned variations on the internet.

  3. 'Why are all women evil?'
    maybe i should sign up on Orkut after all.

    PS: happy new year!

  4. @ nicole: Giggling is proof of feminine ev0l, alright.

    @ anang: hi. :) orkut is true proof of the fact that for some people, adolescence, like a stubborn pimple, is forever. If you find that sort of thing funny, then it's a great place to be.

    @ viv: Yes yes, sign up and give them the answer!