Friday, January 20, 2006


People, people, people. Friends, countrypeople, all sorts of PEOPLE.

You are going to love this. No, you love it already. You've always loved it. It's been the bulwark of your childhood, it's gotten you through your difficult adolescence, been your sole comfort through your mid-life crisis, will send you money every month in your old age. It is yours. Take it! From the golden days of Doordarshan, the seminal short film, the enlightening edifice, the coolest animated music video ever made: Suraj Ek, Tare Anek.

Click, wait for the link to load, click to download. Thanks to my resourceful (and publicity-hungry) colleague Arjun Kolady for passing it along.

People. Oh, people. This is life.


  1. i lurve this video.
    i suppose at any given time the same few videos are doing the rounds of various gmail threads....


  2. you can get others at

  3. Oh this makes me feel so nostalgic.. One of the few things i remember frm those days' TV

  4. Anonymous1:55 am

    thanks much. this video makes me all warm and fuzzy.

    - random blog hopper.