Thursday, December 29, 2005

a poste of sentimente

In a stunning display of worthlessness (don't think this contradictory to yesterday's blog, I'm obsessed with my worthlessness) I lost the confirmation printouts I took for my flight to Bombay and had a bad twenty minutes of it before I located the alternate email. After having almost died about four hundred and twelve times, victory was mine. So I will, in fact, be in Bombay tomorrow night, ceteris paribus, and be with my lovely, lovely family - oh, the benefits of living out of home - and bringing in the New Year with some of my friends. Greatest regret? That I can't be with all the people I love at once.

So something I want to say before I go. I'll also be thinking of you:

Kaushik and Vivek, to balance you both out by being appropriate woolly-headed to avail of Kausha's big-brotherliness and simultaneously be a nagging wench for Viv's betterment. You are both people with whom I enjoy what I enjoy even more than I usually enjoy it.

Shloka and Aishwarya, if I thought I could survive a Delhi winter, I would totally have come down and seen your great city which many down here speak of. And we could talk about life, love and literature, because we never talk about anything else.

My flatmates, who're both holidaying in different places, because there's no one I'd be more comfortable with. But also piss off, since you both went on vacation before me.

Emily and Lindsey, what oceans divide us, my ladies. But we'd be a party of thousands in a room if we did meet, so I suppose it's just as well we wait until we can book the refurbished Wembley Stadium for ourselves.

My friends and co-conspirators in world domination via witterance and brilliant literature, I hope you all have a great time, wherever in the world you are.

Shakespeare and Milton, I am leaving you behind in my cupboard. Try not to behave completely inappropriately in my absence. If you do, clean up after yourselves and don't let me know.

All the strangers and slight acquaintances who read this blog, because on New Years night I will look up at the stars and think of all of you, as in, 'I wonder if strangers and slight acquaintances are reading this blog right now?'

For all of you, a token of my feelings via the diabolic Edward Monkton:

See you on the west coast!

current musix: john lennon - jealous guy.


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  2. Luff you. Happy new year...come visit soon?

  3. 'for viv's betterment'?

    didnt kausha tell you about how well behaved i was at New Year's.
    poor granny was DRUNK and was out cold by 12.30.