Monday, December 19, 2005

a musing.

On the mysterious comfort contained in hot buttered toast, golden-brown, crisp and melting in your mouth, that you can go on and on eating.

And the tang of orange juice as it hits the back of your throat, not waking you up like coffee but setting setting your brain to work.

And the poisonous addictiveness of instant noodles with cheese.

And the thick, complicated coconuttiness of real banana chips to fill the emptiness on the other hand.


  1. I have been waiting for my friends for the last 2 hrs to go and have lunch. I decided to while the time away by reading blogs and this is what I get :(

    I AM HUNGRY!!!!

  2. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Instant noodles with cheese? I've never tried that. Mae seems very interested in the combination. Is it good?

  3. @ golu: I hope you aren't going to have banana chips for lunch. :D

    @ em: But of course! MSG and cheese! You could practically snort it off the sink.