Thursday, November 17, 2005

spoiler? i think not!


From today's edition of the New York Times:

As good as these actors are, nothing prepares you for the malevolent force that is Lord Voldemort and the brilliance of the actor playing him, Ralph Fiennes. Dressed in a flowing black robe that seems to float off his body rather than hang, Mr. Fiennes moves with lissome grace, his smooth white head bobbing like a cork on a sea, his fluttery hands and feet as pale and bright as beacons. For years, the movies have tried to transform this delicate beauty into a heartthrob, but as "Schindler's List" proved, Mr. Fiennes is an actor for whom a walk on the darker side is not just a pleasure, but liberation. His Voldemort may be the greatest screen performance ever delivered without the benefit of a nose; certainly it's a performance of sublime villainy.

He's just - cool.

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oh, endnote: Apparently Business World manufactured a quote by me. I do not remember giving them any remarks! But then, how did they know me and what I was doing last year?

Things are strange.


  1. Ah... Cannot wait to see HP4 tomorrow. I have to bother my suitemates into verifying a theater and showtime.

    The quote thing is very odd. Very odd indeed. Then again, I've had some interesting versions of my own remarks put down by journalists, too. And then there was the time when the TV news guy tried to get me to say that I use illegal peer-to-peer networks in front of a TV camera after he already had my full name and major. I. Don't. Think. So.

  2. I went and say HP4 yesterday and totally lhaaaaaaaued it. I think the HP movies are really getting better. I think the coolest part of the movie was the 2nd task! esp the part where krum has the head of a shark :D

    ps: me predicts that, of the 3 main kid characters, the guy playing ron has the greatest potential to make it really big in the movie industry

  3. @ nicole: you have seen it! and now i must see it. :(

    @ golu: aaaaaaaaaaaaah don't say, i'm only watching it on saturday! (but on imax yay.) very surprised you predict ron's going to be good, though. i remember seeing him in chamber of secrets and thinking anything, even an animated spider, could display more flair for acting that he does. but i've heard this from more than one person, so i'm guessing growing up has done him some good.

  4. No...I think he has got the face to play a great comic role :)

    Imax reminds me of the time when all of us went for the premiere of Matrix-revolutions in Bombay. We had got tickets for the normal screen and all our friends who were going to watch it in the imax were teasing us :P But I guess we had the last laugh.

    BTW u r in hyderabad no? Sigh! I miss the biryani and the theatres :(

  5. You can't bullshit this generation

    I like this line from the article. So apparently, this journalist can bullshit her editors, though! :)