Monday, November 14, 2005

a scheme is not a vision/you never have been tempted

So I'm back inland and back at work - although the amounts I've been able to complete on day 1 seem so far to have been so negligible as to be non-existent. Really. I might as well have stayed back in Bombay.

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Now, because I notice blogs with much higher readership than this uploading music for the taking, I decided to be rash and offer one of my favourites, The Song Of Isaac. (Read lyrics here.) Originally by – who else – Leonard Cohen, it comes from one of my favourite albums - a multilingual, cross-genre record of protest song covers by Mirah and the Black Cat Orchestra. (Buying info here). I love good covers. I like Leonard Cohen too, a whole whole lot. Although Rufus Wainwright beats him out in the affection stakes because of his unutterably gorgeous voice and ‘I’m-just-one-of-the-girls’ approach. And he can be so silly in a magnificent, baroque way. Where beauty is existence, to sing about Greece completely innocent of irony when even in their golden age of democracy and theatre Athenians were allowed to take twelve-year old boys as sex slaves! Then he goes and redeems himself with one way is Rome and the other way is Mecca/on either side, on either side/of our motorbike, which is just marvellously self-indulgent and in such a different way from Cohen.

current musix: rufus wainwright – go or go ahead.

but oh medusa/kiss me and crucify/this unholy notion of/the mythic powers of love/look in her eyes … forget about/the ones that are crying.

Sigh. Popera at its very pinnacle.


  1. Guh. Rufus. Rufus. It's good to know that there are still good things in this world of study and panic. Cannot wait till I've spare time to rest and write and perhaps even chat to you! :o

    (And there's no snark like Monday snark)

  2. quoting rufus again - so what if i like pretty things?

    i don't believe there's anyone like rufus, now, singing. i really don't think so. it makes me ache to think.

  3. @ linds: oh, dude. *holds*

    together we'll wreak havoc.

    @ ish: perhaps it's a good thing, you know. it would be like a surfeit of tummy-aching black forest cake - i can't even listen to poses on repeat, much less the 'want' albums. i guess one needs the weird al yankovich's to counter the effect.