Tuesday, November 29, 2005

pretty boys! no, really, look!

They come just a bit further down but this is totally about them, although I am once again resisting impulses to whine because hello, did I or did I not just suffer a malaria relapse? It was like the ghost of Cathy coming back to tap on the windows of that wretched house on the moor!

Pretty Boys #1: But then I spent all of today listening to rowr macho-boy American blues of old, mostly Elvis Presley (incidentally, isn't Lilo and Stitch such a cool film?) and Ray Charles and B.B. King. No crackwhore Beatles or masochistic, repressed Dylans or Cohens for me! I want a hunk'a hunk'a burnin' love!

Ignore that if it gave you ideas. Now, two positively ravishing links for the perusal of dear readers.

Pretty Boys #2: America asks; cute, or British? The Guardian reprints from an American newspaper, funnily enough (I think it must amuse them to do that sometimes too) about how the British accent holds such appeal for women that they, unwilling to so much as look at men of their own nations, suddenly turn to simpering totty upon hearing it. I held my stomach laughing as I read this. "Decades of BBC and English lit classes have genetically programmed the American female to believe the British are culturally superior beings, skipping around Oxford making puns with their Byron under one arm and a pot of marmalade under the other. This isn't always true, of course - at least according to The Full Monty. Apparently England is also full of working-class people who watch telly and prevail against overwhelming odds."

For every one of my friends who have been reduced to jelly by accents ranging from that of Colin Firth to that, regrettably, of Robbie Williams. Your name is legion.

On a personal note, I much prefer Jeremy Northam to Mr. Firth. Here he is with Jennifer Ehle in Possession, an utter travesty of cinema, the art of adapatation and the very fine novel by A S Byatt. He's gorgeous. And so, of course, is Rufus Sewell. And James Purefoy. But I'm not going to post pictures of them. I'm not that shallow.

Actually I totally am. But interested people can just go Google or something, I'm too lazy.

~Ugly Boy Interlude~

On a slightly different note, but still on the British page (not the one Oscar Wilde was getting to the bottom of, naturlich), is Prisoner of Narnia, in the New Yorker, pointed out by the ever-bright Furius today. A long, fantastic exploration of Lewis' motivations, his imagination, his sex life (*everyone spontaneously leaves post unread and clicks on link!*) and the way he's perceived on both sides of the pond. I think this is a must-read even for people who've never read Lewis and/or are firmly ensconced in the Philip Pullman camp. Lewis didn't suffer from many of the problems that Tolkien did. Quote: "[JRRT was someone] whose views on teaching English were even more severe than Lewis’s: Tolkien thought that literature ended at 1100."

He can appreciate Milton, but he falls into the same Puritan trap of, as Pullman puts it, "Death is better than life; boys are better than girls; light-coloured people are better than dark-coloured people; and so on." Now, I had problems with His Dark Materials too, especially the middle bits of The Amber Spyglass where PP becomes positively Rowlingesque in his harping on motherly virtue and whatnot - although he more than makes up for it with the ending - but it's obvious that anyone working on the basic principles of logic will concur with this.


Pretty Boys #3: And speaking of Rowling, I went to see HP and the Goblet of Fire in spite of the m-thing and it was IMAX (iMax?) and popcorn yey, but I stopped pretending to pay attention to anything and just concetrated on the pretty, pretty boys (that Harry does NOT call friends. Why are the best-looking men always the Slytherins in the HP films?). Jason Isaacs and Alan Rickman and the ever-eyeable Draco boybandb0i, and Yum Krum! Although I must allow that they were almost balanced out by Cedric 'if-he-can't-do-it-Harry-can' Diggory on the side of Good. Dumbledore was just fugly.

AND RALPHIEMORT. OMGWTFMWMFPH. *grooves to the 'guess who's back, back again, voldie's back' evil white rap thang* Owning the souls of discerning filmgoers everywhere - even without a nose.

current musix and pretty boy #4: rufus wainwright - 14th street.

Ha. I am totally back with mah sissy love.


  1. I have this friend who totally gets floored by British and South African accents. This after meeting just 2 South Africans :)

    ps: After one watches Snatch, Lock Stock and Layer Cake....I so would kill to get a Brit accent :D

  2. *waves*

    I MISS you.

  3. Why do I actually remember who James Purefoy is despite never having seen him in a film or read lots of reviews or anything? Aah, fandom. And yes, Northam is gorgeous.

    What, you've already forgotten Cedric's harem of sweet Hufflepuff boisex?

  4. mallu acccents, anyone?

    Yew noe, the problum heyer is thet hour aaksent is kunsideyred funny. Bleddy diskriminayshun.!

    Aol ve vant to do is meney, paver, and to roole the verld.

  5. @golu: don't south africans have some sort of dutch-english hybrid accent? never found that very hot. but i can't decide between whether guy ritchie or bbc is cooler. :D

    @sv: aw bebe, i mieess you also. write to me sometime. call me. come and see me!

    @june: because he is james purefoy. he is yummy. lindsey's even seen him nekkid. on tv. haven't you ever caught 'a knight's tale' on hbo or something? he plays the black prince in that one.

    @viv: day 3489058946875. mallu accent still not hot. still not getting mallus any meney, paver, or verld doaminashin.

  6. i NOE day 3489058946876 will be diffarant!
    I jest noe!

  7. I've only ever dated people with cool accents..Russians, Serbs, Austrians, Brazilians and yes...Englishmen.

    Oy! Hot accents make me weak in the knees..current favourite? Setswana (Botswana'ian).

    I LOVE James Purefoy. Watch him in Bedrooms and Hallways and cream your pants.

    (PS My word verification word is anyzrr...Why am I reminded of Fleur Delacour?)

    Hufflepuff boisex? YUM! Though I think I prefer Durmstrang Boinking more..