Sunday, November 06, 2005

"i AM malaria."

Alack-a-day. In spite of a week in a hospital run by kindly Bengali monks the mysterious 'evening fever' persists - although I am now back in the far more cheerful and considerably better-smelling environs of home. Oh, my vibrant, bouncy, postmodern American employers! I fear you shall have to book me into Haworth Parsonage if this state of affairs continues. For the Ring, it cooleth, and seemeth to shrink even as I hold it on mine palm! (Come on - you know Emily would have written that if she'd thought of it. The First and Second Ages of Middle Earth are more Brontesque than - than - Bramwell.)

But for those concerned I am much improved from this time last week, when I was recovering from what my parents failed to identify as a visitation from Sauron (a la P. Jackson, naturellement) in the form of an evil drug reaction. I suspect the fever may just be a side effect of prolonged exposure to bloody Natwar Singh on every bloody news channel on bloody TV. Thug. (Heh. That's the way people look at me and say 'switt girl'.) Wish Vikram Seth was in place of Shashi Tharoor in the UN. Scratch, actually, wish he was head of everything ever anywhere. The world would be beautiful!

Anyway, I return to my long trudge on the road to recovery. I think I'm in Mumbai for forseeable (read next few days) future. Belated Eid and Diwali greetings to everyone.

Important endnote: I absolutely love my girlfriends. They're the best in the whole world and I will fight anyone on that.

My boyfriends are lovely too. :)


  1. Am I gullfriend? Please? Please?

  2. good to see your are typing away...


  3. @aish: Yes of course. Not the particular ones I referred to in the blog, but a speshul one.

    @viv: I know. It is good typing my frand.

  4. Aww. I is touched. Hope you're resting. Take care.
    Much love

  5. :(

    I am not a girlfriend?

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