Tuesday, October 11, 2005

whee-hee! whoo! go girl! aaow!

supriya: *walks back to desk after depositing lunch tray in cafe, in a virtuous bid to work through lunch*

lunch: *was v. moral mix of salad, curry and only a little rice*

out of nowhere: *suddenly produces screaming, careening goth teens free-wheeling down the corridors*

insistent drum-beat: *starts up*

supriya: hello, strange figments of my imagination. what ...?

supriya: *is stampeded by dancers high-kicking in menacingly perfect co-ordination*

michael jackson: *arrives dressed in following articles of clothing: one hat, black; one glove, white; one jacket, red; one face, dubious finish*
*to say nothing of the trousers*
*and socks*

michael jackson: hey pretty baby with the
high heels on
you give me fever
like I’ve never, ever known

supriya: you! out of my office! take away your perverse eighties disco-beats and unfashionable goggles! oh, also these teenagers. but not back to your place, naughty boy.

michael jackson: you’re just a product of
i like the groove of
your walk,
your talk, your dress!

teenagers: *cartwheel and perform splits on cubicle-tops*


teenagers: *break-a-shake-a-leg!*

office-mates: *begin to dance!*

managers: *moonwalk!*

michael jackson: i feel your fever
from miles around
i'll pick you up in my car
and we'll paint the town

supriya: *is helpless*

supriya: *begins to jig against own will*

the way you make me feel
(the way you make me feel)
you really turn me on
(you really turn me on)
you knock me off of my feet
(you knock me off of my feet)
my lonely days are gone
(my lonely days are gone)

ETA: chika. chika. chika.


  1. the song is really in your head. you already sang it to me on g talk. Hmm. Vairy vairy interesting!

  2. Yeah. Does he really say 'the kid is not my son' on Billie Jean?

  3. it's official: work is driving you mad.

    ok, not really, this is pretty amusing :o

  4. i'm madder, as the famous blackadder said, than mad jack mcmad, who won last year's mr madman competition.


  5. *raises hand timidly*

    Will you marry me, please?

  6. Morpheus10:38 pm


    this is a great showcase of the arcane art of goofy and pointless blogging. wonderful. i grant to thee the prestigious Samosa awards.



  7. @ aishwarya: darling, i would, but then what would the wives we already have do?

    @ morpheus: why, thank you! although i was unaware of blogging other than the pointless and goofy sort. the things you kids come up with these days.

    *eats samosa happily*