Monday, October 10, 2005

return of the pillock

Valuable lessons learned today:

1. If you avoid fatty foods at lunch, you will end up breathing in forkfuls of Maggi by five in the evening.
(NB: This will probably happen anyway.)
2. If you spend the day reading other blogs, you will get very little work done.
3. If you spend the day furiously exchanging mails also, you will get very little work done.
4. If you apply your mind calmly and expansively, the matrix will reveal itself to you.
5. Thus too you will get lots of work done.
6. If you ever happen to go to Bombay, you should stay there and not come back.
7. If you ever happen to go to Bombay and come back, do not spend the worknight in a train next to a screaming, if amiable child. Even if he offers you potato chips from Bangkok, he will gobble up your sleep and leave you a mumbling wreck.
8. If you open an envelope from a bank, you have visited destiny upon your own b0ikutted head.
(So, with some proper beauty care, he could be Geoffrey Boycut?)
9. If you think that, by regulating your diet and working out regularly at the gym, you will look good in a small white Levis tee-shirt, it probably means you have another month of starvation diet and dead-ducking on the treadmill to go before you actually do.
10. Life is pain, love is torture, and friends traitors. Virgins will weep, virile men creep and the pages of the book of life be ripped and torn in a howling dark dust-storm unless there is coffee in your gullet at all times on a Monday.

current musix: sigur rós - jósef tekur fimmuna í vinnuna


  1. Vont poem!:(

    And vont piccies of b0ikutt.

  2. love- torture, friends- traitors. NICE!!

  3. Hey...agree with 1, 2, 3,4 and 9. Came by yr page thru Vikster's...Interesting musings. Now i know how to while away time at wrk tomorrow ;)

  4. OMG. I'm sorry. I distracted you a lot today, didn't I?

  5. @aishwarya: Aishwarya,
    I adore ya
    You make me go ga

    (Piccies coming up when possible.)

    @ kausha: nah. It's now Tuesday and one cup of coffee is enough to keep me sane and love all the people.

    @ vijayeta: hi! it's lovely to be able to complete the circle of procrastination - i'm glad you're doing it. i'm too lazy myself. :)

    @ e: yes you did. please distract me again today. xxx

  6. I think my blog had something to do with the wasting of time..Mea Maxima Culpa..

    PS. An Indian who knows Sigur Ros? Come into my arms babe!!

  7. @ vikster: yes it did. you're a compulsively readable culpa.

    *comes into your arms in a quiet yet operatic foreign-language way befitting the magnificence of sigur ros*

  8. Coffee in gullet is good, b0ikutt is to be displayed, earrings to be tugged and things to be snerked at.

    Ignore. Self is doing otherwordly things today.

  9. you know, sv, however manfully i strive to ignore you, i find it's impossible. so come here and tug my earrings, you otherworldly little thang, you.