Monday, October 10, 2005

breathe. breathe.

you know, i've read a bunch of really interesting books over the last few weeks. and listened to some awesome music. and i have a really nice house in hyderabad. and i have an idea for the urban sex-and-violence fantasy i'm going to write next month. i'm going to talk about all of this now. i'm a positive, life-affirming person. i look outwards. books very good! very clever! music sublime! built-in cupboards! fantastic mumbai potboiler with children and old people!

now that felt really good. no, really.

*wanders off morosely in search of coffee*

current musix: still achtung baby; u2 - who's gonna ride your wild horses


  1. i picked up Cold Comfort Farm, btw. It is rather funny.

    Are my mails reaching you?

  2. No, your mails aren't - but I'll check my accounts once again to be sure.

    And CCF is the funniest. Totally never wanted it to end. Seth! *dies of teh lolz*