Wednesday, October 12, 2005

another voice

in support of rashmi bansal and gaurav sabnis in the all-too-real tamasha visited upon them by the iipm bugaboo.

read about it in precise detail in this post.

portentous as this is for bloggers everywhere, especially gaurav's predicament, i'm reminded of my righteous anger at how (and perhaps why) the biggies in the mumbai print market expend most of their journalistic integrity and glossy paper on pieces that have roughly the originality of a bappi lahiri bollywood number. come JAM, still indie after a decade, still getting told where they get off - and still refusing. having written for them in my wise youth, and having had the opportunity to know rashmi slightly better than her attackers do, i can safely throw in my lot in support of her sense of ethics and her considerable intellect.

(although, like aish, i'm very amused that the pestle-headed anonymice 'accused' her of being a lesbian in her student days. thoroughly eighties stardust.)

current musix: rage! against the machine. :)

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  1. Bloggers I believe are soon going to form the fifth estate.