Monday, September 05, 2005

in light of recent events

Another song blog: How does one take a cultural artefact and stand its meaning on its head? Tragedy and disaster will help. Sometimes the irony is self-evident. Growing up, I didn’t know a single person who did not at some moment in their lives think that “Imagine” was the greatest, most hopeful and meaningful song in the world.

Listening to A Perfect Circle’s cover, the always-a-little cracked and kooky song seems like more of a joke than ever. There are no changes to the lyrics, to the simple whistle-able tune, just the addition of a heavy, dark cello and the voice of Maynard Keenan, menacing in its quietness. It makes my hair stand on end, more than all the full-colour omens of disaster.


On a different tack, Happy Birthday to Pawee baby. And Happy Teacher’s Day to everyone, especially to my Mum, and all my English teachers.

current musix: a perfect circle - imagine


  1. if you want to hear Maynard at his menacing quiet best, listen to this song called 'Pet.' enough to scare the shit out of you when you sleep.

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  3. I got this song after you reccoed it a few months ago. Love it. Quietly disturbing.

  4. the blogger me says hi. :)