Friday, September 30, 2005

i am a beautiful child, lalala

So If George Michael and Samuel Beckett got together to create a work of art, the resultant masterpiece would be called Wake Me Up Before You Godot?


In other news, Hi-tech City is achieving the dust levels of a stormed-over caravanserai road in the Sahara, and Enya is easy listening about three minutes in, after which you just want to pour some whiskey down her throat and get her to sing Irish drinking songs in her real voice.

current musix: garbage – i think i’m paranoid


  1. Not to forget the horrible traffic patterns that make you miss Bombay's traffic.

  2. *cackles at Godot joke and sends large broom for dust*

  3. that reminded me of 'Waiting For Godash', which joke i must have seen on YOUR journalthingy yonks ago.

    yes re Enya, i wish she would stop singing the same song over and over!

  4. my sooside sistas back yayay! woman, please do upadate your blog regularly.

    miss you guys!