Friday, August 05, 2005

TGIF, baby.

Two weeks back I didn't even know what that acronym meant, good honest gods of the hearth! Well, I did know it was "Thank God It's Friday," but in typical Supriya-fashion I made the mistake of assuming it was no more than a nice restaurant somewhere in Mumbai. And that only because I have cooler friends who informed me of the happy fact.

Incidentally, does it still exist? What is left standing? I've been hearing reports about the ToI's stellar coverage of what the All The Right People did when Mumbai - my city, my home, my people, mine, mine, all mine - was doing time at the apocalypse, but I with my access to The Hindu and its sober, clear-eyed reportage have only felt more divorced from it all, because there is no emotion I can attach to those reports seen through alien eyes; no regret, no remorse, no righteous anger. Only an irrational survivor's guilt, and a need to be home and to be helping and suffering with the people I've travelled to college with every day for the last five years. Ridiculous, I know; if I hadn't moved out that very week I'd have been cursing the heavens and very likely stayed curled up in a small useless ball at the edge of my bed - but I would still be there, to look out of the window. (In the howling wind, comes the stinging rain.)

Yes, in other news, I've been busy. It's strange not to be a student anymore; I don't feel like I've earned this money - well, technically I'll be earning it at the end of this month - and a comfy house in a comfy locality in Hyderabad and good food and an utter sexpot of a desktop at work (which is called Bono, by the way). Is it work until you bring emotional baggage and unironed clothes and hard-won opinions on everything under the sun in to be examined by everyone else each morning? Three years of English class, and I am left unprepared for the divorce between iSupriya and the new yuppie raising a fresh and wrinkly face up to the corporate sun.

*struggles into itchy new skin*

To all I stretch the open arm; send me bloglinks and postcards! Speaking of which, I need to mail some of you my address.

Finally, a shoutout to Aishwarya and June. I hope you're both doing fine. I feel very big sisterly towards both of you right now and I hope you resent it greatly. Know also that I miss you very much. Mail me? Many hugs.

Alright folks, I'm out. See you soon.

*clinks coffee mug tiredly and switches off Bono's screen*

current musix: natacha atlas - ne me quitte pas


  1. how bizarre is it that i've been listening to 'Bullet the Blue Sky' all day today?

    a small confession - i don't actually resent the big-sisterly thing. *blush* *sends good wishes*

  2. *sends little-sisterly love*

  3. Why dont I get big sisterly treatment?

  4. Dear sups

    drop me a line sometime if you can. let me know also if your trip plans will be finalised.