Friday, August 19, 2005

*tapping mic*

Hello, check.

Using Blogger for Word to post. Horizon all clear, day bright and sunny.

But, how it be?


  1. what is work policy on blogging? 'drops down and bows to supriya's writing'. loved the last post.

  2. Work and blogging, hm! Not sure - we're so closely related. as with every other corp I assume they have no problems with oen blogging out of office hours, or in office hours as long as it doesn't interfere with quality, consistency, et cetera. I've never asked. Why, what's your work policy on blogging?

  3. Nah. for the simple reason that google actually fired one of it's employees for writing stuff in his blog. but he crossed that line of confidentiality so i was just curious to know if they have a policy. yahoo allows people to blog at work.